How is Tai Lopez/Internet Marketers Not All A Scam?

How could they be good people? Especially what Tai claims:

Real Estate – uhh- no – if you don’t have any money or real estate experience; flipping contracts is extremely dangerous ; you should have a lawyer ; the home owner may become furious and cancel the deal altogether.

Online store no money – bullshit : you need a good website or you appear illigitimate ; & you need money for Facebook ads! And with all the competition these days; the price of ads that aren’t extremely targeted (and this require even further classes/knowledge to figure out ) are way expensive.

Credit repair – creditors are required by law to report “accurate information”. So the rest is common sense .. if you can write a goodwill letter or misunderstanding ; sure , if not ; once you file a report!! They won’t help!

I’ve come to reason that Tai Lopez and ALL internet “gurus” are evil; selfish ; deceptive ; and great con-men ; but as far as mentors and idols ; uhh no..

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  1. Almost all Internet marketing people who sell stuff, the“gurus” Are scam artists. Very few are real, believe me, I spent thousands of dollars and not made a dime out of anything

  2. Tai also charges hundreds for an “AirBnb” class; of a site which he claims he only used once … the networking there does not help that much . I’ve already personally made thousands renting a room using only YouTube videos and dollar tree supplies.

  3. These guys are all the same. They hook desperate wantrepreneurs on the rags-to-riches story, then offer them a bunch of free content they can instantly relate to (usually cliche motivation tropes, entry level business advice, dating tips, etc) and then when the person is hooked – that’s when they unveil their $2,000 courses, 10x conference, etc. The person who gives his/her money to these assholes does so for three main reasons. First is because he/she believes they are going to get tactical business advice from successful businessmen. (They never do). Second, the think that by being closer to these rich guys, some of the magic dust will rub off on them, they’ll be able to interact with their business partners, they’ll be able to network at his conventions, etc. (They never do). Third, just plain old celebrity worship. This is nothing new. A person is smitten by a successful, confident/arrogant person like Grant, Tai or Kim Kardashian, and feel compelled to worship the ground they walk on. Ironically, a smart, successful person would never, EVER give a cent to someone like Grant Cardone or Tai Lopez. So basically, if you give them your money that is pretty much a giant red flag that you’re too stupid, naive and gullible to ever create success for yourself because it’s too easy to take advantage of you and get you to waste your money (money you usually don’t have to waste in the first place). If these courses, conventions or books offered actual legitimate business advice you couldn’t get anywhere else, I wouldn’t say a negative word about these guys, but 99.99% of the content is just the same cliche rehashed entry level shit you see on their youtube channels – repackaged into a $2,000+ event/course. It’s a SCAM.


    PS- The cars/houses/girls etc. are a manipulation tactic used to manipulate gullible people. Real, successful business people and entrepreneurs don’t need to pull this crap because their success is enough of a draw. Imagine Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey doing this? Yeah, exactly, they have never and will never do this.

  4. Sad to say … even blogging – who can make a living with free products? It will take years to master/build a real following .. also #hashtags attract nothing more than bots 3/4 of the time. Even verified IG accounts are actually managed by networking agencies.. the people behind them can easily feign ignorance even more so this way… wake up people!

  5. I’ll try to find them for free online, sometimes You can find them on certain websites of ill repute

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