How should we go about a phone repair store scamming us?

So my boyfriend’s phone stopped working on Tuesday with a messed up screen so we go to this iRepair shop in our mall. She said she’d fix it within the hour and that it was only a screen problem and that’s what she’d replace only. Everything worked for about a day and then on his way home from college, it dies at 70%. He goes to the apple store nearby and they did a diagnostic. Apparently, there was a crappy, aftermarket battery in there that hadn’t been in there prior. This had only started happening AFTER she repaired his phone and no one else around us even knows Apple phones enough to get into the hardware. So, my question is, what do we do? We are planning on going to the store and confronting her later today but should we get the police involved if the confrontation doesn’t work? I already filed a report with the FTC online but that won’t have anything directly come from it anytime soon. Please help us out!

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  1. I’m not sure how you’re reasoning that they’ve scammed you. You’ve asked them to repair your phone. They’ve done so and the repair has failed. Your recourse is to ask them to repair it or refund you. The police are absolutely not going to be getting involved in your civil dispute over a third party phone repair, and neither are the FTC.

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