How to get back at scammers (takes some patient’s)

So my mum got an inheritance scam not to long ago and almost fell for it. Luckily she told me and I knew straight away it was a scam. So what I did was play along at first and act a bit dumb. Doing this I gained their trust. Then I made a fake account on Facebook with a couple details like location and age all that stuff. I then tried my first fake link. To do this get a link and go to a site called gravity. I highly recommend getting an account so you can use the link more. Then put your link into the site and click create url. Now you will have a shorter link that says something like. Once you have your link go down and click on smart logger and email notifications. From their copy your link and send to scammer. They didn’t click on it for me so instead I made a Google drive consisting of fake info they wanted and clicked share. I then clicked copy link and went to gravity again. Now when I put it into the email it came up as document.dx but if you right click it says site url and what is shown on screen as. Change the site url to your gravity link and leave the part that says document.dx. then send it. If they click on your link you will have been sent their location time zone some pc specs and a few other things. Now the fun part. The next message you send should be along the lines of this. Dear… This is an important message and it will not go away you must read this it is important. This is the FBI and we know you are in … we are also aware of your scam operation. (Next part is optional) you have to options. You give us info on your bosses in exchange for no charges on you and full safety (next part is good to keep in) or we will come and shut down your operation and your superiors will be informed it is your fault. You have 24 hours to reply or else. -special agent… The optional part is if you are prepared to take this further and shut down their operations other wise you can just scare them off. You could also try to give them a second chance up to you.
Sorry it’s very lengthy and requires alot also sorry about grammar hope this helps Goodluck.

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  1. The information from a grabify link is about as useful to you as knowing the scammer’s favourite flavour of ice cream. They don’t give a shit of you know it – it’s just the generic information that any website scrapes from browsers that visit it.

    Depending on your jurisdiction pretending to be an agent of law enforcement is almost certainly a criminal offence.

    Beyond that, the chances of them actually believing that nonsense email are absolutely negligible. It’s an utter waste of time.

  2. Shield_Lyger says:

    > This is the FBI and we know you are in…

    Holy mother of Crack. No! Don’t *ever* do this! Impersonating a federal agent **is a violation of United States federal law**, punishable by up to three years in prison.

    And don’t think that “Well, I’m just some random person, they won’t care.” Federal prosecutors watch their conviction numbers just like any other prosecutor, and easy cases are easy cases. You might not go for the federal pen for this, but they likely *will* fine you. And having a federal rap sheet is what’s known as a Career Limiting Move unless you have lots of other resources to fall back on.

  3. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    You clearly don’t know how to scambait, please quit while you’re ahead.

  4. NoOneShallPassHassan says:

    You would enjoy /r/scambait.

  5. Over-Wish-2034 says:

    Well done for stopping your mum becoming another victim

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