I almost scammed a scammer 😳 (but made them realize what they’re doing and hopefully turned them around)

This one scammer messaged me, and after like 5 messages, I start off with the same old “have you heard of crypto” and the dude legit was about to invest into me to get crypto.. and suddenly goes “I’m actually a guy in Nigeria, and I was going to scam you” and I respond “and I was waiting for you to say that. That whole crypto thing was me trying to scam you back. Now, how does it feel?”

And they legit said that they didn’t want to scam anymore, because they only make like $50 a month. These scammers really are just hoping on one person to bite a month

The content was posted by MasonP13 on 2021-10-05 15:07:17 via reddit

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  1. When a scammer realizes that their original scam isn’t likely to succeed, they will often “pivot” to a different scam – often it is to reveal that they are a poor scammer trying to make a living, with a pitch for some kind of charity donation to them.

  2. ochisiepa says:

    As a scammer he maybe lying but that’s not impossible. That’s about 20600 Nigerian naira. Life is hard out there. May not serve him in the US but it can in Nigeria. If this bugger almost fell for your crypto thing it means he’s just starting. Plus can you imagine how many scammers we have out there? The established ones make money for sure. Others are just gamblers

  3. justabean27 says:

    I wouldn’t trust his sob story

  4. Goflyakitescammers says:

    What another person said. Scammers are always sooo sorry and they are starving and have to scam just to eat (feed family, etc). My research (Covid lockdown boredom) shows the average scammer makes $900 a day and the good ones make over a million a year. So sob stories, yea right. The scum are making more a day than the average working stiff in the United States.

  5. $50 a month? I doubt it.

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