**Edit: This thread is becoming a big deal so… THANK YOU EVERYONE !**

**NOTE: I did NOT created this thread to ask for financial help ! I created this thread to ask or an ADVICE and I went into personal details to make a POINT that the situation I am in right now its quite a BIG DEAL for me .**


* Hey guys , so I recently found myself in a difficult situation financially so I decided to **sell some stuff** that I dont use or need anymore to gather some extra money from here and there.
* I have a 8 months little baby girl and things are harder for us.

**VERY IMPORTANT :** I live in a third world country with poor economy ( average salary 200$ / month )

* Two weeks ago I found someone who was interested to **buy** my Steam account high LVL 100 + 300 games in library ( I built this account over the course of 10 years ) so since I struggle with money I decided I can live without it. **We agreed to 150USD and everything went smoothly** . The buyer sent me the money via PayPal and I provided him with the access to the account witch he eventually **changed email and password** . ( as agreed ) He was really happy with the purchase thanking me multiple times , I was excited as well and **everything was great.**
* After our business concluded of course **I withdraw** the money and used it for my needs ( mostly food & dippers for my 8 months baby girl )
* **FAST FORWARD 14 days later** I receiving this **EMAIL** from **PayPal** : **You received a new case >The buyer stated the the item was defective or not as described.** And basically stating that he requested a refund. When I logged in into my PayPal account I was surprised to see my balance was negative ( **-150$ USD** ) with red colour.
* ( **A temporary hold was placed on the transaction amount** so I am not in debt yet ) but I assume I will be if the situation will end up in the buyer favour.
* Of course PayPal encouraged me to solve this issue with the buyer ( talking with him and reach a mutual agreement ) to avoid **escalation** but at that point I realised I have to deal with a **SCAMMER so I decided to ESCALATE the issue myself .**
* **I stated exactly what was happening :** The buyer purchased a digital item 14 days ago ( a video-game account ) and the item was delivered exactly as described . The buyer was happy with the purchase and **CURRENTLY** the buyer has **FULL ACCESS** to the account ( he changed email and password ) so I am unable to recover it. I believe the buyer is trying to commit fraud by requesting a refund after so much time .

1. **How do you guys think this will be solved ?** If someone has a similar experience how did it get solved .
2. **What else can I do in this situation ?** Any advice is much appreciated.
3. **What will happen If I leave my balance negative ?** Because **150$ FOR ME** its **A LOT** right now and I honestly have to make **HUGE** **SACRIFICES** to pay that money back and even if i do that **ITS NOT FAIR** besides that my Digital Asset was stolen from me now I have to pay for it as well ? It is like a double loss .

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  1. drinkingchartreuse says:

    I don’t think steam accounts can be sold.
    Yes, you sort of scammed steam that way.
    Then the scammer stole your account.
    PayPal could care less, but they are your only hope.
    Tell them they are being scammed by the buyer and they should pursue him.
    Failing that, get hold of steam support, tell them someone hacked your account, take it back and change the login and password again.

  2. justabean27 says:

    It is against Steam’s ToS to sell accounts

  3. AsigotFinn says:

    Make sure you have copies of the conversation with them where he says he is happy with it all etc so you can share them with paypal, it will all be a PITA but he will lose

  4. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    You can recover the steam account by contacting steam support.

  5. amyaurora says:

    It unfortunately happens a lot, no matter what is being sold, for someone to scam by saying they didn’t receive something or what they got wasn’t the right item or defective and filing a claim. This is why it is best to deal in cash in person.

  6. MadamMomo says:

    Unfortunately absolutely nothing you can do. You can try to explain your situation but I doubt pay pal will care even if you did, it’s just how they are. The debt will likely go through and you will owe the 150 in total.

    In the future before you sell anything digital please check the TOS on it FIRST before you try and sell it ( also I know you said that 150 USD is a lot for you but for 300 games that is criminally under priced and that is likely why a scammer took you up on the offer )

    Quote from the steam TOS: “ You may not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may you sell, charge others for the right to use, or transfer any Subscriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use). “

    So yeah. It’s not illegal in the sense that you will get a fine or jail time but you’re not allowed to. So. What do you do now?

    I know you care about the money but you aren’t gonna get rid of that debt unfortunately. Even if you told pay pal that he said he enjoyed the product they likely would not help you as you weren’t allowed to trade your account for money in the first place. So, the only thing you can do is get your account back.

    ( Also Pay Pal will not do much to you over being in debt. Likely all that will happen is that you will be unable to use their services until you pay it. They and the scammer could try and take you to court but it would instantly fall through if they tried and be a waste of effort. )

    Either contact Steam and lie and say your account was hacked and you need to file a report and see if they will get it back under you email and name. Or, report what you did truthfully and get your account permanently disabled so at least the scammer can’t enjoy your games for what is essentially free. However 300 games is a LOT of games to waste ( and money ) just to be petty so I would highly suggest the former option.

    Also please lose the attitude in the comments. This is highly stressful I’m sure. And I’m very sorry this is happening to you. But, we are only trying to make you privy to the truth and you snapping isn’t helping or gonna get you that 150 back.

    In any case wishing you luck OP.

  7. Dont use buyer protection for things like that.. if you cant prove what you sold, then the other person can get their money eaaasily back

  8. Contact steam Do not tell steam you sold the account say you were hacked and email and password was changed , and you want to get back into your account they will help you out guaranteed . Steam support is kinda slow to respond sometimes so just keep trying to contact if get no response

  9. 1) Contact steam support, say your account was hacked. Don’t say you sold it, just that it wast hacked. Get it back.

    2) Ignore paypal. I mean, if you are in a third world country they can’t do jack shit to you. Just don’t use that account ever again.

  10. elghisyoussef says:

    1: Its against Steam TOS to sell accounts
    2: You sold it for 150$ even tho 100-300 games is more than 10k$
    3: You can still recover your account with Steam
    4: You should have said to the scammer to send the money with Family&Friends

  11. I sold a RuneScape account via a similar method back in like 2010 and the guy did the same thing. He paid me the money, I transferred the money to my bank account and spent some of it, then I got the email saying he had filed a claim because he “wasn’t in control of his PayPal account at the time”. About a week later I got another email from PayPal saying they had investigated and couldn’t find any evidence he was telling the truth, and they restored the money to my account.

    So then I used the recovery details to get my account back because fuck that guy for trying to scam me.

    I think PayPal tends to side with the seller on these sort of things, but also that was 10 years ago and the person used a different excuse for the claim. If PayPal does rule in your favor, try to recover the account anyways and tell the guy to go fuck himself. It’s very cathartic.

  12. Well, sorry to say you are fucked.

  13. indigowulf says:

    1. steam account are not allowed to be sold, TOS violation, so if you get fucked by doing something illegal in the first place, you’re kind of just fucked.
    2. you can try telling paypal it was for digital goods and “not as described” is not possible.
    3. You could contact steam and say dude hacked/stole your account and try to get it all back.

  14. Clevererer says:

    This post, with repeated mention of a helpless baby girl and the overall appeal for help, could very well be the scam in and of itself. I wonder if anyone on the sub has offered to send her some cash yet.

  15. goodkidballing says:

    When doing stuff like this (if ever again) always make sure to make them add the money to their Paypal balance and then send it to you through Friends and Family, I can’t stress this enough **MAKE SURE THEY ADD THE MONEY TO THEIR PAYPAL BALANCE FIRST** that way if they try to charge back through their bank, his bank will have to deal with Paypal itself since the card didn’t fund your transaction, it funded his Paypal balance.

  16. BabydollPenny says:

    They will favor with the buyer. Sorry. Read your customer agreement with PayPal. This is a huge problem with accepting paypal. People suck. And 150 for 10 years of play on the account…more like 300+.

  17. scorpio6519 says:

    Scam the scammer. Contact steam and tell them your account was hacked, get it back, and keep the 150. F*#k PayPal. They support scammers all the time. You just can’t use it anymore. They won’t come after you for 150. You might get a barrage of notices or something, but I wouldn’t worry.

  18. SeeManCome says:

    As outlined in other comments. Try to get your account back and do not disclose that you willingly changed the passwords and sold the account as it violates Toss.

    You are likely going to be out of the 150. Consider this a life lesson in not selling accounts. It sucks, but at the end of the day, the scammer will likely not be able to keep the account anyway.

  19. Had a similar situation (but not for selling a Steam account). PayPal customer service is the worst! They didn’t do shit to help me. If you can live without PayPal, just ignore them. You’re account will be closed in 160 days, iirc.

  20. Princessluna44 says:

    1. Doht sell accounts. That violates just about ever ToS in existence.

    2. Your money is gone.

  21. bogartthegod says:

    Do what others have said and tell steam you were hacked

  22. Truckin_18 says:

    I think the only counter is to reclaim the steam account.
    I would not say you tried to sell, just that the account was hacked and stolen.

    Overall PayPal would not be a good way to sell that, unless they sent nonrefundable as friends and family

  23. b00tystank says:

    Send PayPal screenshots of your convo with the scammer proving the transaction and his happiness with the purchase.

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