I am selling a item on ebay and wanna make sure this isn’t some scam?

Okay so I posted a item on ebay and it sold for $140.00 and the individual who bought it wanted me to text them and so I did so using a TextNow account and not my personal number and they are asking about the condition of the item and said they want it shipped to someone in Tennessee? Is this related to any scams out there or am I just overthinking on it? Thanks!!

The content was posted by Madbillygoat on 2021-10-07 13:55:19 via reddit

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  1. Extremely common scam. Never go off platform; anyone who tries to get you to text them or email them off platform is a scammer.

    If you’re curious about what the scam will be — the buyer will insist on you shipping the item to someone else using a courier service. They will agree to pay extra for you to do that, and send you a fake check or a fake/fraudulent payment notification with the instruction to pass off the extra money to the courier service. Once you do that, they’ll ghost you and you’ll eventually find out that the initial payment was faked and that you’ve just sent the scammer your own actual money.

    The scammer doesn’t really want your item, they just want to trick you into sending them money by making it seem as if they’ve paid above your asking price for the item.

  2. Huge scam don’t send it

  3. Why would you text them ? eBay messages is there for a reason.

  4. That’s going to be a fake check scammer. !fakecheck

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