I assume this is a scam? From a “fashion” brand on Instagram.

I assume this is a scam? From a “fashion” brand on Instagram.

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  1. brewerybitch says:

    Well, they are making you pay to advertise for them…

  2. The give away is “discount code”, meaning that you will have to pay them for the packages. If they were free you wouldn’t need a discount.

  3. LikelyWriting says:

    It’s a !influencer scam.

  4. They still make money on the “free, you only pay shipping” items because they are dropshipping low quality items from China.

  5. CalvinHobbesN7 says:

    Anytime they don’t read your message and respond accordingly, it’s an automated robo scam.

  6. XLVIICUTS says:

    Got the same thing from another brand.
    These people are right it’s just cheap quality BS from China and they still want your money.

    So not only does this destroy the environment through the pollution it causes to ship the crap.
    But it also destroys the wallets of naive kids.

    So yeah I’d say this shit looks suss and I would not trust it.

    In my humble opinion I believe China is just trying to get rid of all there shit and make more money and warehouse room for this upcoming war.
    They just wanna con “dumb westerners”

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