I believe I’ve been scammed and I need information

So I was approached earlier today about selling my laptop to someone online, and they wanted to pay via sending me pictures of a cheque, like an idiot I deposited this cheque. I’m no convinced after the fact that this is a fraudulent cheque, as the buyer immediately acted as if that was the wrong cheque and wanted me to send the funds back, I’m aware this is a common scam and that the cheque will later bounce. My question is now what the hell do I do? I haven’t touched the funds, and I still have my laptop, but im wondering if im gonna get in shit for depositing the cheque? Or if it’ll simply bounce and end of story, Someone with any advice helps me out please.

The content was posted by TheJarshablarg on 2021-10-12 21:18:39 via reddit

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  1. Since you are aware of the fake check scam, why then would you accept a check from a stranger? The check will bounce. That’s all.

  2. Bennguyen2 says:

    I would call your bank right away and they will take care of it. Like you said, don’t touch your fund.

  3. Individual_Ice_3167 says:

    Tell your bank asap. Not sure where you live or the laws but usually you only get in trouble if you know and don’t tell them. Don’t touch the money, don’t send the laptop, give the bank any and all info on the seller as they may want to involve authorities, and don’t communicate with the scammer anymore. Just be glad you figured it out before too much damage was done.

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