I cannot forgive myself. I got scammed 3000$.

I cant stop thinking about what happened. I feel so stupid. I got scammed in such a way that I didn’t know was possible until now.

Basically someone hit me up via Insta DM saying he if i wrote originals (Im a music artist) He said he wanted to pay me 500$ to write a “personal song” for his sons 6th birthday “Danny”.

His account seemed very legit. “Full name” on his username, regular “real estate- entrepreneur” bio, and 400+ posts with 1.9k followers (account private)

He gave me details on what to put in the song (His best friend is Jena, his little dog is Maxxy, his favorite show is PJ Masks Cat Boy, he loves spiderman) He made it sound so legit. I got to work and wrote and mixed an awesome 2minute song in an hour for him.

So this is how it went down, he seemed like a well-off guy right? He basically told me “So there’s a little problem now. My assistant requested $3000 instead of $300 to our manager and now he processed a check for that amount.
We won’t be able to request another check from the account for another month.
I’m trying to see what I can do.
I’ll get back to you as soon as I figure it out” (HOW DID I FALL FOR THIS)

So, there was “no work-around” so basically, his plan was to send me a fake check of 3000$ via email and give 2500$ back. As a trusty person I am, I accepted the fake check and deposited in my bank while e-transferring $2500 back to him.

Cut to the chase I called the bank because I couldn’t make any more Mobile Deposits and they told me I got scammed since my check was in the fraud department.

Guys, Im a 21 year old artist that has been making modern hip-hop for 5 years and this is the worst thing I’ve ever fallen for in the business. I am so ashamed and embarrassed. My family and friends were all happy for me that I made 500$ off a 6 year olds Birthday Song. I felt so great, so proud, so achieved. Only to realize I gave a loser 2500$.

Thats my story. Any confidence boost would mean a lot 🙁

The content was posted by saveSpyro on 2021-10-07 20:06:36 via reddit

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  1. DarthSyphillist says:

    The scam of sending you far too much money and them asking you to refund the difference is a very old and successful trick.

    Whenever someone “accidentally” overpays you, ask yourself, “How stupid could someone be to overpay me?” It’s always a scam.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    In the future, the best thing to do for these requests is to google verbatim, like copy and paste into the search bar, whatever the person has requested from you. These scammers are not native English speakers and will be following scripts, and people have posted scam scripts online and on this sub. So, correlate the message you received with any script you might find. If they are very similar/the same as what you found, you can be sure it’s a scam.

  3. mozzilaza says:

    I bet your song turned out fire though! I’m sorry this happened, hopefully your music career makes you back all the money you lost.

  4. EvilTwinGhost says:

    Do not beat yourself up. You live and learn. Don’t you dare take this as any kind of hit to your creativity. There are some shitty people in the world, that’s all.

  5. teratical says:

    I’m sorry to hear this! It sucks and these people are evil. I wish we could convince everyone to regularly read this sub, as this one has showed up here periodically this year, including a variant version that targets teachers/tutors.

    One interesting point here is the length they went to to create a legit looking account to ease your natural caution. When scammers focus specifically on one mark, they’ll invest a lot of time to make it believeable (as opposed to the scams that are mass emailed/texted to thousands of people at a time, where they put in minimal effort because they just need a tiny percentage to fall for it).

  6. meshreplacer says:

    Anytime a story change, things get complicated because so and so did this etc. that in itself is a red flag.

  7. Barn_Loka says:

    Shit man, I’m so sorry. I can 100% relate since I also got scammed recently. In my opinion there’s little to no shame in it as long as you learn from it.
    Take a very deep breath and let it go. You lost your money, no need to also lose your mind 😉
    I’m sure you’ll create some amazing tracks in the future that’ll pay you back ten times over.

  8. laughingonthebus says:

    In a few years $2500 won’t seem like a lot of money and you will never get scammed like that again.

  9. >e-transferring $2500 back to him

    How EXACTLY did you “e-transfer” the money? I ask, because in some cases it could be possible to recover that money by filing a civil lawsuit.

  10. SailorPrincess28 says:

    Sorry this happened to you. Don’t let it get you down, sometimes people make mistakes.

  11. winter19fairy says:

    Have you tried contacting your bank? Sometimes bank could reverse the transfer and get your money back.

  12. DiamondComodo says:

    Its alright, as one of my favorite Scambait YouTubers got scammed himself. Its absolutely ok.
    Here’s the link if interested.
    The best!
    –D.C 🙂

  13. Can we hear the song

  14. emilinarockstar says:

    I’m still upset that I was scammed by a carnie. I took my baby daughter to her first county fair and i wanted to play a game to win her a big plush horse. Well naturally you hav to trade up but the carnie is explaining things so quickly and not saying 10 dollars just doing crazy math equations. Suddenly he says “ok so then 70 times 2 is?” I’m like 140. Then I’m like wait DOLLARS?!? I said no wayyyy how much for the smaller one? “70” I said yeah I don’t have that much with me. “There’s an atm over there” no lol. I was worried he would have me kicked out though for playing but not paying. We agreed to $60 for the medium stuffed horse and I’m still embarrassed lol

  15. carolineecouture says:

    I’m sorry this happened to you. Know that it’s an old scam because it works. Also mentioned but a reminder people will be contacting you claiming they can get your money back. They can’t. It’s just another scam. Don’t fall for it. I hope things go better for you.

  16. yeep-yeep says:

    I feel you bro. I got scammed 1100 Bc I was buying weed off of a Snapchat plug. Basically it cost like 200$ or something but as he shipped it, he basically black mailed me to send him more money otherwise he’d report the package to the police. He had a fake website that said the package was otw to my house so it seemed legit

  17. angoramirror says:

    I’m a creative too and I can see how you’d get excited about being paid so much and fall for this. These people are scum bags. Now time for you to write a song about the scam so you can warn your fellow musicians

  18. quotesthesimpsons says:

    Education is expensive. I’d imagine you’ll never fail this test again.

  19. legionofsquirrel says:

    I’m sorry you got hit and this maybe in bad taste, what do you think you could share this song with us? I’d love to hear your work.

  20. marceldia says:

    Honestly, why is this something you can even do. Banks shouldn’t have methods that make this easy for scammers. It’s 2021. Da fuq.

  21. gadaelectronicsceo says:

    So sorry this happened. Take care. ❤️
    First day on reddit and I’m blessed with this subreddit.

  22. Dean_Forrester says:

    Hey maybe you know the saying “fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me.” You didn’t get to “twice”, there is nothing to blame you about. Shit happens. Maybe this helps you: Sometimes it makes me feel better to think about the exact situation looking backwards from 10 years in the future. Surely then you will have a little giggle about it and realize you never made such a mistake again.

  23. Note. No stranger is sending you a real check period.


    Shit man. You were blinded by apparent success. Chalk it as a loss and try not to beat yourself up

  25. ochisiepa says:

    You’re still young. Hope you’ve learned. Don’t trust strangers. Stranger danger , to kids and anyone with a phone or on the internet

  26. kdshubert says:

    So sorry. Hugs here. They try to get information out of you, dangle the carrot, or play on our heart strings. Look at it as a donation. Your funds probably fed a village for a month. If you need to find them, work methodically one step at a time to follow the money. If you have extra funds, maybe hire a PI to track them down.

  27. CarlosFer2201 says:

    Scam or not, always get paid in advance

  28. Karyo_Ten says:

    This sucks.

    On the upside, you now have a story to tell. Maybe you can use this as promotional material to rebound, create a song about this and release it and fuel your frustration into making relatable music for scammed people?

  29. yepitskate says:

    You aren’t stupid. You are a good person who hasn’t dealt with scammers, so how would you know? You’re supposed to be focusing on your art, not learning about the subtle psychology of sociopath con artists.

    I’ve fallen for cons. Most of us have, actually, and that’s how you get wiser. We are all vulnerable given the right circumstances. Believing we’re invulnerable actually weakens us bc all a conman has to do is praise us for being smart, lol.

    Maybe in the future, you were going to fall prey to a much worse con and this saved you. Learn about con artists and how they prey on artists, bc this probably won’t be the last time.

    It’s good youre talking about this here and admitting a mistake. That means you’re learning and growing as a person

  30. imheretocomment69 says:

    !fakecheck scam. I think it’s one of the common scam out there

  31. Cardinal_Richie says:

    Gives you a topic for your next song anyway! Don’t think I’ve ever heard a song about an overpayment scam so it will be unique!

  32. islandtaco287 says:

    Most common scam bro. Sorry but always do your research with shady shit. Moving forward, keep talking to the scammer to waste his time and give him a fake name so you can ge free checks with funny fake names.

  33. YupYupDog says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. These guys make a career out of sounding legit. Anyone could have fallen for this. Don’t beat yourself up – it sucks so badly that there are assholes out there that will take advantage of trust and hurt nice people. So sorry.

  34. Baileyerw says:

    A former co worker was scammed in a similar fashion. He lost about 24000 in crypto currency’s. I mean, it’s good you feel bad…. Let it sink in so you don’t make this same mistake twice. Also know that you’re a good person because you were doing the right thing and someone took advantage of you. It’s a shame!

  35. its not very hip hop to get scammed lol

  36. AlternateWitness says:

    What are you talking about lol it’s illegal to scam people

  37. BULLWALLST says:

    Money comes and goes. Losing money sucks! But it is better than losing a life. You only live once.

    “Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up”

    move on! we still have a life to live!

  38. canadianme1982 says:

    Sorry dude, I think you deserved that one, that’s pretty brainless of you.

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