I can’t find anything definitive; is a scam after all, or do they just have very long shipping times and bad customer support?

Hello everyone, I want to get some t-shirts from Fresh Hoods as I really like their designs, but I’ve heard some pretty bad things about them online. They range from “they’re basically a fake company that steals your money” to “the clothes took so long to arrive, and their customer service is so bad, that they’re close to it”. I can deal with the latter, not the former. I’ve found a few posts about the same question online, but nothing definitive was concluded on them. Does anyone here any experience with this site? Their [BBB page’s complaint section]( definitely doesn’t look good, but then again even Amazon’s BBB has 21,043 complaints.

The content was posted by Panos96 on 2021-02-27 19:59:58 via reddit

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  1. The name and the complains about the long times and poor customer support suggests it may be a dropshipping site.

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