I don’t know from where, but someone’s got my Email and tries to log in…

The only sketchy site i tried to enter was a online store for Microsoft giftcards, but that was about a year ago…
Yesterday i got an Email from Google at 4am saying that someone tried to log into my Gmail account from Malaysia. I changed my passwords and went to sleep. 20 minutes before i made this post he tried to log into my Microsoft account…
What should i do?

The content was posted by Niemand_72 on 2020-04-21 07:01:31 via reddit

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  1. EugeneBYMCMB says:

    If you aren’t already using unique passwords for each account + two factor authentication everywhere, start. Also, are the login attempts reflected on the actual websites? Have you clicked any links in the emails?

  2. You don’t only have visited dodgy websites: large companies suffer data breaches all the time, they could have got it from anywhere. You can try entering your email on haveibeenpwned.com and that might shed some light on it.

    Hopefully you didn’t click on the links in the email you got – or, if you did, you checked that it has come from Microsoft first. It’s quite common to use login attempts in phishing emails because it puts people into panic mode and they’ll follow a link and enter a password without thinking.

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