I feel like I’m under attack, help me be smart about this!

It started Monday bright and early at 5 a.m., luckily I woke up to the text message from doordash confirming my account update… that I didn’t make. Immediately called and got it taken care of (or so I thought but don’t get me started on that…) and around 8 am got back up and realized Amazon was hacked too. Immediately handled that. And then updated the password that I had for my personal email and added a two step authentication to the email. I went through some other major accounts looking for suspicious activity. Had a few other accounts that were attempted but other than doordash, all was handled easily.

I’m starting to feel like i’m being targeted! I talked to an IT friend and he gave me some tips on password security and I’m taking his advice. But I have also been monitoring sign in attempts on my email and there are tons of attempts but no access since Monday.

But I’ve seen a few targeted(at least in my opinion)attempts at phishing. I received an email from AT&T about a update to my login information. I had an account but it was no longer active, so I called them immediately. There was no record of anything with my account. Went back to the email and the sender address was very believable but not what it should have been after some googling. But given every thing that happened this week, I could see what I didn’t question. (Good thing my company drilled into my head never click the link! Always call or find an external link)

So this morning I received a call from an unavailable number but sometimes my doctor’s office comes up as that. So I answered and it was some one from Amazon asking if I placed a $700 order for a iPhone or something, press 1 to approve 2 to decline – I pressed 2, and was connected to a call center who asked if I wanted to cancel the order so I did. They thanked me and hung up. So I go back into my Amazon account and everything is fine. No orders, no unusual logins. Did I mess up??? Why would they call to get no benefit?

The other super icky thing about this is they hacked an app used to plan fertility, like females cycles, ovulation and other personal info. I have never ordered supplies or entered a credit card but I did see that there are options to order supplies etc., but not even close to the main purpose. It felt really personal and violating but my IT friend said they were probably guessing similar passwords to all my accounts and got lucky with that one.

Other than keeping an eye on credit, bank accounts, emails, and updating at at risk passwords… what would you do today. I feel like I’m Kevin Mccallister on Christmas eve, I know they’re coming… help me fight them off, please!

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  1. I’ll probably keep on ignoring lucrative text messages, uninformed calls from unknown numbers, probably scan my phone and my PC to see if there is something unusual on it because they’ll keep contacting you in any way that they can. So, the last thing we can do to avoid being scammed is to be cautious at all times and look out for red flags.

  2. Gtk-Flash says:

    The phone call from Amazon, what information did you give them? How did you cancel the ‘order’? It sounds like a typical call centre scam.

  3. SeatEqual says:

    Sounds like you should also call your bank, credit cards, etc and tell them what’s going on and that your account/card numbers are probably compromised. Ask to get new card/account numbers. That’s the fastest way to protect yourself. Then don’t use the new accounts online until you figure out the problem.

  4. CommitteeNo5432 says:

    The Amazon call is a known scam. I’m not sure what it does though.

  5. GeekgirlOtt says:

    I’m certain the Amazon episode isn’t finished. Did they ask you for any info that could help them get into your account or CC info ?

    It may be so when you do see a charge come thru, you dismiss it saying ‘i already canceled that, should be credit in a day or 2’ … buying enough time for a new purchase to get shipped to scammer before it’s too late.

    Or folllow up phone call from fraud dep’t or fake email or text verification – let us know ho they follow up …

  6. You have malvare in your PC or in your phone. Install proper software to clean both of then. Becasue even if you are changing passwords they can get them if then have malvere or keylogger installed.

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