I feel so stupid don’t judge!

OK so I was inquiring about an SBA loan my friend did it and he got $22000 so I wanted to do it remind me keep in mind that I have borderline personality disorder and an impulse control issues so I messaged the guy and it was all cool and he said he needed $200 up front which I was weary of but my friend had to pay 500 to get his completely understand But I sent the 200 when I was shaking the nervous and then I kept telling him all his I didn’t understand why I owed more and he kept cussing me out and told me I was stupid and that I wasn’t listening to him and he was like man Man I don’t want to work with you if you’re gonna be like this blah blah Can you read bitch are you blind et cetera and every time he was mean to me it made me want to send more money because I have felt like I was being bullied into if i didn’t do it well after that he told me that it was gonna be 250 more dollars for Some documents and I asked him questions about why and he was like obviously you’re not listening I have to pay to put these documents in and he was like can you read lady and just being so mean to me and then I get an email that says I was approved but I have to pay pay a cash app fee of $600 well he told me that he would split it with me so he went to the ATM came back and flipped out On me and said that his ATM card wasn’t and his cash app wasn’t working and was locked
and he was blaming it all on me and he was like look it’s best that you don’t talk to me right now and I’m just sitting here thinking well you just stole my money so what do I suppose to do and he was like if you say one more word about this shit I swear to got it aint gonna be pretty for you so I was terrified so then I ended up paying the whole 600 Then I got a confirmation email and the lady said that it was set to go but she needed $800 but she said she could talk her boss down to 600 so we got back-and-forth and I said I was like I thought there were no hidden please I thought there was no more I had to pay and then the guy that I was still messaging was cussing me out calling me telling me I’m fucking crazy and tell me that But he don’t want to work with me anymore and hes about to block me and so that all put me anymore so I sent 600 and then I sent it the lady and she said excuse me maam I told you that it was 800 and that I would have to ask if the boss was OK with 600 and he said no and I flipped out And then I just sent the 200 because it was such a huge risk I mean I’ve already lost over a 1000almost $2000 right when I sent that that full 800 I got blocked.

Side note they sent me text messages asking me what happened asking me if I had a problem asking me if I had a bad experience with the company and I said yes to the point where it has driven me to suicidal thoughts and like like I wasn’t playing when I said that like I’m a recovering addict and I have severe severe mental issues and impulse control issues and they said well would you mind telling me what happened I have the police right here if you’d like to tell me and I said is this another one of your scams cause I’m scared to talk to anybody from your a place of employment or your company and they literally were like no no further questions and just didn’t respondI feel so fucking stupid please don’t judge me but I just could not stop something was in me that was doing it and I couldn’t stop and I feel so stupid and I’m beating myself up tonight and crying and shaking and and it’s just some thoughts on my mind that I don’t really feel comfortable sharing

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    You aren’t stupid. Scammers are very good at what they do. It’s their JOB! They practice it every day. They find the triggers in their victims and use them (yours was being bullied). A friend of mine with a PhD got scammed out of $128,000. So you are NOT stupid. You trusted what your “friend” said (who was probably not your friend, but a scammer who hacked his account). Please don’t be too hard on yourself.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Hundreds of people fall for scams every day. These scammers do this for a living and they get good at scamming.

    Watch out for !recovery scammers.

  3. PlanningVigilante says:

    You’ve been socially engineered. Scammers literally make it their full-time job to scam people. I hope you forgive yourself and don’t put your sobriety at risk over this – you were conned by a literal professional who does this all day, every day, and has become very good at it. Even the wisest person can fall for the right con.

    I would look hard at the “friend” who introduced you to the scammers, however. How well do you know this person? Are they really your friend? How do you know they got the $22K they claimed they received?

  4. NewlyNerfed says:

    No judging here. Scammers have designed their scams to take advantage of people. It sucks that you were one of them, but please don’t be too hard on yourself. Lots of intelligent and critically thinking people have been taken in by one scam or another. It happened, it’s over, and you’re still okay, you’re still here and you have some new tools for analyzing this stuff if scammers come after you again. Be kind to yourself and definitely talk to someone about your feelings if you need to, even just a crisis hotline.

  5. princessxpeace says:

    I’m a recovering addict and this is just pushing me to want go relapse

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