I got scammed $800 from a tutor from Wyzant that refused to give me my money back.

I requested a refund of $800 because I was scammed into a Tutoring Math Science tutoring services and they keep cancelling their services. I asked for a refund and he still will not let me get a refund. It all started last week when I was on Wyzant looking for a tutor to help me study for my first medical nutrition therapy exam.

The transaction was on Friday, and it was through the Cash App. I reported the transaction as an issue but not a scam. I reported his $100 as a scam but I just want to report only the $800 as a scam.

I requested a new payment for my dumbass for a tutor to send back the money this morning but he has not responded. Instead, he said him and I will get in trouble because I asked for a refund in the Wyzant tutor services website (the tutor was not supposed to work off the Wyzant tutoring services website). I reported him to the Cash App but they said they could not give me a refund of $800. So I reported him to my bank dispute claim department. I don’t know what to do. I feel like I screwed myself over. I hate being so naive.

The content was posted by EmelaJosa on 2021-10-08 00:50:07 via reddit

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  1. Princessluna44 says:

    Your money is gone. CashApp is for *friends, family, and people you know well*. It is not for goods and services. That violates CashApp’s ToS. It’s like handing a stranger cash. They won’t refund you and neither will your bank.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Yep, this is a classic case of why you never go off the platform you are requesting services from. You lost all protection you had by going off site. Report him to the tutoring site.

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