“I got the new iphone 13” green messages.

“I got the new iphone 13” green messages.

The content was posted by 10eyecue on 2021-10-12 01:45:24 via reddit

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  1. The “dating for two months” comment makes it sound like it’s a prank. No scam would willingly make that specific of a guess.

  2. ItsJustMeMaggie says:

    What was their end game?

  3. YOYOSlandii says:

    Maybe someone trolling you? And they could have an iPhone and have imessage off. One of my friends kepts theirs off because the same apple id they use across their ipad and mac.

  4. mitch_jacobs_88 says:

    It is a scam, but green messages are normal for iPhones. It just means you are sending an SMS and not iMessage. I personally never use iMessage on my iPhone.

  5. Sammyhoward45 says:

    Why do you waste time answering a skinny Nigerian teenager?

  6. ochisiepa says:

    Scamming piece of shit indeed

  7. I have gotten a similar one, just block and carry on. Lol

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