I guess this wasn’t a great business opportunity

I guess this wasn’t a great business opportunity

The content was posted by ineedtotakeabigshit on 2021-11-08 15:57:44 via reddit

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  1. Indeed. Please avoid it as it is a !forex scam. Plus to think he has -5 karma. That tells it all.

  2. SpectreInTheShadows says:

    This shit is constantly happening on my LinkedIn account. I get randoms msg’ng me about business opportunities every couple of weeks.

    What’s funny is that they always start with a greet like “Hi ______, how are you doing today?”. Never really respond to them, except this one lady. After I told her about my day and asking how she was doing, she unloaded a wall of text similar to this on me and then kept msg’ng me days later for follow-ups.

  3. orakleboi says:

    “Allow me to enlighten you”

    This goof ball messages me once a month with various accounts. This quote sets him apart.

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