I had to decide in real time if I was scammed or not – I think I was not – now I’d like some back up


A couple of minutes ago I went on a train and two guys were entering and sitting down. One of them made eye contact, slightly nodded towards me and sat down.

He the leaned over the seat and started speaking to me. It didn’t seem rehearsed as he started to explain their precarious situation. His 3rd or 4th sentence was something like “please don’t be like all the others”, he might have felt my rejection for anything that he tried to make me believe.

He went on saying his mother is in the hospital, they visited her, and now they can’t go back as they ran out of money. He went into mich detail, and I asked him some questions from tome to time.

He got a little irritated when I said “man, you need to plan more or this will happen again”, but he restrained himself. He also had two tears tattood under his eye. I asked if he went to jail and he replied no, one tear is for his passed father, one for his many regrets.

His colleague had a serious problem with his foot, looked like a lump and they showed it to me after maybe 10min talking.

Long story short, they asked for two train tickets claiming that they slept two days at a train station and got rejected by a local shelter, and police wouldn’t help them. The tickets were CHF 120 each, urgh… I haven’t donated anything lately, so I got out a CHF 100 bill and told him “dude, spend it on the tickets please”.

They both thanked me a lot, even after we got off the train.

Even if I was scammed, I think there need to be people giving money in order to keep the spirit alive.

I would be interested in your opinion 🙂


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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    You were hustled. Standard playbook, making you feel guilty with the “please don’t be like all the others.” If they didn’t have money for train tickets, how could they be on the train you were on?

  2. catjuggler says:

    People scam on trains all the time. Money for train tickets is a common scam. They went to the next person and did the same thing.

    Also, never open your wallet on a train or a city street while talking to a stranger other than a legit vendor. That’s how you get a lazier version of mugged.

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Didn’t read past the explain his situation, it is a common scam! But kudos on you. Your heart was in the right place, and that’s what is important. Too bad that scum take advantage of kind people.

  4. Tennassegal says:

    Handing them money sometimes is going to lead to the bad things like spending it on drugs or worse. They might have scammed you but I’ll let other Reddit users look at it.

  5. Radiastro says:

    You were definitely scammed, and you were possibly funding organised crime.

  6. Damn…people resell tickets. Thats such an obvious scam

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