I hate people.

I hate people.

The content was posted by BangzLaRue on 2021-10-05 14:01:39 via reddit

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  1. sexslaveforgod says:

    Harry smith is such a generic name lmao

  2. mtb-man-4u says:

    What’s the Present Condition is a dead give away.

    No one talks like that.

  3. ochisiepa says:

    That’s the way to deal with them. No wasting time

  4. Better-Tadpole-8043 says:

    I am not familiar but how exactly do these scams work for them though?

  5. rippmatic says:

    I love how they always demand that they’re sending you the extra money up front.

  6. Littlemama55 says:

    Great reply OP! Best way to avoid scams like this, is to require **cash only**, especially for items $500 and under.

  7. Gr33kRu55ian says:

    I dont get it… isn’t the banks responsibility to verify transaction? How can a scammer once they successfully paid into your account can withdraw the funds back … or how can they send fake money which get accepted by the bank?

    And why on earth would the bank have the right to charge you? Didnt they technically mess up by accepting a fraudulent transaction?

  8. rokketman40 says:

    So how does this scam supposed to work?
    Says will pay upfront??

  9. Nah, the never-ending !fakepayment scam.

  10. Nach0Man_RandySavage says:

    Who tries to run a clarinet scam?

  11. TheOfficialNotCraig says:

    Any time they directly quote the posting title, solid bet it’s a scammer.

  12. ValleyWoman says:

    Send cash – American.

  13. SnugglesMcCuddles says:

    But a blue angel isn’t that when you fart onto a lit match and it makes a big fireball? Why would you service a clarinet there?

  14. TeveTorbes83 says:

    He just needs you to send someone else $300 for them to pick up for shipment. They’re so predictable.

  15. zirklutes says:

    Hmm, don’t you have service where you ship your parcel and then it is given to the receiver only when he pays. If not parcel is returned to the sender?

  16. DesertEagleFiveOh says:

    I ship things that I sell on Facebook all the time.

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