I have been getting small packages from Amazon that I didn’t order, upon further inquiry…. ( Brushing Scam or something else)

I found that there is another Amazon account with my name and address but using a different email address. How is this possible to register a new account under my name and address?

During a google search I found a brushing scam where sellers will get your name and address and send packages in order to make fake reviews. I have searched some of the items I got on amazon and haven’t found any reviews under my name. In talking to the CS rep on Amazon, I determined that I could make a change in my account name so I can differenciate between items that I get in the future, and ones that I actually ordered from my real account and the fake account. Then I can continue to report the fake acount items.

Has anyone encountered this?

The content was posted by fallingupthehill on 2021-11-10 19:35:42 via reddit

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