I just discovered a scary Ebay scam (ProtusQ: Exposed)

**preface: I censored the last name of the scammer, but it’s easily discoverable with some searching. The screenshots are key to exposing the scam, which I feel is an urgent danger to public health and safety, but if mods want them removed I understand.**

I was looking for a (vegan) vitamin D3 supplement, and was comparing different offerings by dose/price. The cheapest one I found was

Looks pretty legit right? especially compared to all the other companies offering vegan d3 supps

> ProtusQ is an LTD company based in the heart of London where the part of London never sleeps, Covent Garden. We are a small family owned company that was established in Jan 2017.

but what if we dig a little more? ProtusQ has 1 employee listed on linkedin, an Icelandic man, Sindri, who calls himself the Chief Executive Officer at ProtusQ. He lists no pharmaceutical or related expertise, only in web development. Strange.

Examining we find a professional looking supplement company website, but which surprisingly offers free samples for amazon reviews. The online store main page looks almost too sleek: It states ”
UK Manufactored”[sic] and “All products are suitable for vegentarian.”[sic]

Also I note some random capitalisation ” free from Animal testing and Artificial Ingredients.” These were all hints something was wrong.

So I look for reviews. The only review I can find is by the CEO himself, sindri, on youtube Exposed. Googling sindri, one of the top results shows “Bitcoin heist suspect gets banned from travel”. It’s a mugshot of the same Sindri the CEO from linkedin..

He put lot of effort into ProtusQ’s social media:

Very sleek operation overall, and I can’t believe how super close I was to ordering supplements from them. Who knows what dangerous stuff these pills contain?

**evidential screenshots**





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  1. Can I just say that if you are buying dietary supplements on eBay, you probably need to rethink your life anyway.

  2. How is this a scam? That he’s trying to look like an established company? How do you think such companies start out? I mean, it could be a scam, or it could be someone trying to build a business on EBay.

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