I just got scammed for the first time last week

I feel horrible. I bought a thermal device for our farm work on the German version of craigslist. I paid 750€ and received nothing. Worst thing is that I split the money with my father, to whom I have to explain that now. I am such an naive and oblivious Idiot. They even have buyers protection, but I was too cheap to pay the extra 50€. The scammer could provide everything I asked for, even an ID card. I already contacted the police, and the card appears to be stolen. I already contacted the bank I transferred the money to. Can I do anything else?

The content was posted by SadScamThrowaway on 2021-09-25 09:21:49 via reddit

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  1. The problem is you sent money to a stranger. You should never do this.

  2. pretty-ribcage says:

    You have done all you can. You can post a warning on craigslist to others about the situation. Cash only for buying from random people.

  3. et842rhhs says:

    Please watch out for !recovery scammers who will claim that they can help you get your money back.

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