I just made a scammer hang up :)

It’s my first time really going all in on a ‘screw with the scammer’ call. I’m happy with the results.

I got a call that said “aaron smith” with a local number, obviously spoofed. (common name so I’m not doxxing). The caller had a heavy Indian accent and said he was calling from Discover about an interest rate reduction.

I started asking to talk to Aaron. I said Aaron is my nephew and the only reason I answered the phone is because his name was on my caller ID. The man told me it was an auto-dialer that called. I told him I didn’t give a rip HOW he called me, he was calling me from Aarons phone number!

I demanded to speak with Aaron. I was using a ‘old lady Southern accent’. I started shrieking “listen here, young man, put my nephew on the phone this minute to prove you didn’t steal his phone, or I’m calling the police!” he tried a couple more times before just giving up and hanging up.

I’m proud of me. I think I’m going to do this with ALL spoofed numbers that actually have a name on the caller ID.

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  1. jules2fly says:

    Awesome! Great job! I love it!

  2. chemaazarroca says:

    Actually Aaron Jones is an all pro Rugby players which makes this 10x funnier

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