I kept it going as long as I could

I kept it going as long as I could

The content was posted by Samartly on 2021-11-12 12:56:41 via reddit

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  1. scuba_st3v3_damn_you says:

    The door knob discussion was my favorite part.

  2. Ghastly_Miss_Fairfax says:

    Too bad you chatted with bot… they’ll be very much pissed when they see your noods 🤣

  3. parundrum says:

    I only recently joined this sub. What’s up with the symbol things over some of the letters?

  4. OMG. Are…are all these women that are used as bait for these texts having their private photos repurposed for a scam? I’m positively sick.

  5. Key-Industry-3594 says:

    Oscar to this winner

  6. I had noods for dinner!

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