I know this is a scam, I got a check on my email, but what do they want

I know this is a scam, I got a check on my email, but what do they want

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  1. joeyGibson says:

    As the automod explained, it’s a fake check scam. You cash the check, the money shows up in your account, you send $3000 to an “orphanage”, you keep $500. Everything looks great.

    Until a few weeks or months later, when the bank discovers that the check was fake. They then take back _the entire $3,500_, which will probably put your account into the negative. And they will charge you a fee for depositing a fake check. And they may close your account, if they think you did it knowingly.

    But the $3,000 that you sent to the “orphanage” (actually just the scammer, or a confederate) is still gone. You now owe the bank $3,000.

  2. okay, basically they fake the 500 transfer to make you think you’ve got the money then you send 3500 of real money to the scammer

    only scammers say ‘kindly’

    i kindly thank you all for the upvotes

  3. purpleychick says:

    You may want to kindly remove your email address from the pictures

  4. FalseLocation0 says:

    “Kindly” fast pass to block.

  5. RickyRicardo777 says:

    Kindly is the “key”

  6. Now I cringe everytime I use “kindly” in my emails.

  7. ClydesdaleSlim says:

    If you send money out to the orphanage you will owe the bank back all of that money. Do not send anything out, contact your bank and tell them you inadvertently deposited a check on mobile deposit that you learned was fraudulent. They may waive the bounced check fee but don’t do anything like this again. There is no such thing as online sugar mommas.

  8. No Texan is going to reply “I’m Nicole from Texas” to someone from Cibolo lol.

  9. The check is fake. It’s a real bank, but the account number is made up. You will deposit the check and after a few days, the $3,000 will appear in your account.

    There is no “orphanage”. You will be sending the money to HIM. So you withdraw $2500 from your account and send it to him via some non-refundable method (gift cards, cryptocurrency, western union)

    Then your bank gets a call from the bank the check is for. They tell your bank that the account doesn’t exist. Your bank then takes $3,000 out of your account and charges you a fee for bouncing a check.

    And the $2,500 you sent? That’s gone forever.

    What if you just don’t pay the bank back? They will sue you and call the police because it’s a criminal offense to pass a bad check. You can and will be arrested if you tell your bank to fuck off.

  10. bidenlvslttlgrls says:

    This is easy. The $3,000 will be available to you before the bank finds out it’s a fake check. Then you’ll be liable for the entire $3,000 and you will have an account that’s negative $3,000.

  11. xcaliblur2 says:

    It’s a common !sugar and a !fakecheque scam. The $3000 he sends you is fraudulent. Banks always make the money for checks available in advance before they complete checking it for authenticity. So the money will appear in your account for a while, you will send $2500 to the “orphanage” (which essentially is the scammer himself). Then the bank will find out the cheque is fake and will take back $3000 from your bank account. You now have lost $2500.

  12. saradil25 says:

    She said “kindly.” They all fuckin say “kindly.” They can’t help themselves. It’s like a serial killer signature or calling card, but for dumb scammers.

  13. IcyHotPockets says:

    I’m pretty sure everyone answered your question but there’s one detail that really bothers me. They literally send you a copy of the check but you can’t deposit photocopies via mobile deposit. If the bank rejects the check or it can’t be read and you have to come into chase, the teller will absolutely not let you deposit it given the circumstances. Obviously there’s E-checks that exist but this Is nothing like that.

  14. GeekFit26 says:

    Op, did you realize this displays your full name, email and phone number?

  15. letsridetheworld says:

    I like playing along nowadays.

  16. Baby please give me all you security info

  17. legionofsquirrel says:

    What would happen if you just let the check sit there until it clears at least? With the funds become available to you or would they be able to just cancel it? I haven’t used checks in a long time so im kind of out of the game when it comes to typical security options.

  18. rlinderapk says:

    Anyone using the word “kindly” is a scammer

  19. ZenDendou says:

    Just FYI…mobile deposit forbid any deposit made via phone…

  20. unknown-human-69 says:

    If a scammer wants to give you good sex,what should one do?

  21. ArmchairCriticSF says:

    What app are these screenshots from?

  22. DirectorStrict6091 says:

    To be honest I fell for this scam and lost thousands of dollars they sent a check had my pay and then stop the check funds. I had no ideas the key is Kindly!!! I wish I did more research on scams (regrets)

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