I lost my dog a few days ago and lost my cool as well. People are seriously terrible.

I lost my dog a few days ago and lost my cool as well. People are seriously terrible.

The content was posted by morsnoctis on 2021-10-04 16:18:40 via reddit

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  1. Hoping you would see him soon. But it’s definitely one of those !pin scam

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Scammers love taking advantage of people going through an emotional crisis.

    I hope you find your dog.

  3. ashimo414141 says:

    Same shit happened with my cat. People are fucking scum. I hadn’t seen my cat for weeks and got loads of these texts. The first one broke my heart in pieces when they said “I found Lisa, the black and white cat right? I have her with me now” and then asked for a verification code. Sick.

  4. decomposedrebellion says:

    i am so sorry, i hope yall find your pup

  5. aQUantUMchiLD1 says:

    I’m sorry, how does the scammer, a six digit code, your lost pet, and the scammer knowing all this sh%t make sense? I’m lost here honestly..

  6. fivefeetofawkward says:

    I got this text when I lost my dog too. Total shitheads honestly, I hate people who would take advantage of others grief like this.

  7. Okami-Alpha says:

    These people are almost as bad as the ones that actually take people’s dogs in order to get a reward.

  8. Off topic, but if you haven’t already, search “Lost and found Pets Facebook [your county/region]”, contact the nearest municipal shelter, and post fliers where your dog was last seen.

    Source: I volunteered at a shelter reuniting found pets with their owners, and if everyone did the above, it would have been much easier.

  9. illegalsandwiches says:

    There is a hierarchical order in which I’d like certain scammers caught and face the most severe punishment possible. The sundried pieces of shit that do this rank top by a margin.

  10. CyberProAssassin says:

    You were very polite mate.

  11. 5WEET_Cheeks_Karen says:

    I think you handled it just fine. Sorry that you lost your dog I hope you find him or her soon.

  12. Hapless_Asshole says:

    I wish that every domestic critter in that feces-for-brains scammer’s life turns on him, bites him, and deserts him, and that aaallllll those little, invisible critters that co-habitate with us humans mount an organized insurrection against him.

    Vicious, manipulative vipers like this one deserve no less. Wait a minute — I’m being unfair to vipers, aren’t I? And I like scaly animals.

  13. tideshark says:

    People are assholes… but not all of them. I hope you find your dog dude 😔🤞🏼

  14. unclerico0895 says:

    People like this when they put energy out there that could harm someone you better believe they get it back. Dogs are family. I hope your find your dog.

  15. RaspberryCai says:

    Christ, I’m sorry, that’s vile

    Fuck that utter piece of shit, preying on people who are at their lowest and most vulnerable.

  16. I’d say you covered all the bases regarding this piece of shit scammer.

  17. Ecologistfootballer says:

    That lowlife deserved it. I am curious how an unknown person came to know you lost your dog though. i suppose you posted about it on your socials?

  18. morsnoctis says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. Hoping to find our puppy soon!

  19. YOYOSlandii says:

    Did you find your dog?? 😢😢

  20. stevrevv59 says:

    This was totally justified if you ask me. This person was a true piece of shit.
    I’m so sorry you had to deal with this. No one deserves that. I hope you find your doggy. 😔

  21. TopperMadeline says:

    Most of these scammers are overseas. I wonder how they know that you have a missing pet.

  22. KaleMercer says:

    these scammers are so fucking stupid! I always send them the code 80085 or 07734

  23. LostAndMad99 says:

    I see how u feel and understand, a scammer tried to use my dead relatives as a plot to scam me. I simply baited them into giving me their info(and maybe an IP grabber) but once I found enough info on them I turned the tables and they’ve stopped sending bot FB accounts to bait me for info/fraudulent “car warranty” calls. I swear, all theses ‘foreign scammers” are just making their own countries look bad.

  24. How exactly does this scam work?

  25. Gasmask_Boy says:

    Worst part is they probably spoofed the phone number

  26. RealMoosePotato says:

    Scammers are the lowest life forms on earth. I don’t care if they have mouths to feed, scamming someone of their own living is freaking despicable. I lost my own dog a while back, I know the pain. I hope you can find them soon, OP.

  27. AshleuLee says:

    This same thing happened to me, I cried with joy when they said they’d found her… The pit in my stomach after they asked for a code and I googled if it was a scam really stung worse than having no reply at all.

  28. Definitely had someone send me a similar message recently.

  29. I_Have_CDO says:

    I love your response. These people are fucking scum. Sorry about your dog.

  30. UnusualPete says:

    I’m unemployed and I would rather die than to scam people.

    Scammers are fucking parasites.

  31. sadpanada says:

    I’m sorry OP 🙁 I hope you find your dog soon

  32. XtremeD86 says:

    Perhaps we should make random lost animal posts and send these people fake pins over and over and over again until they realize the scam doesn’t work well anymore.

  33. plasterscene says:

    Nice. Fucking cunts.

  34. Those MF got me too when my dog ran away.

  35. notreallylucy says:

    I’m so sorry. Scammers can threaten to send nude pictures of me to my grandmother all they want, but leave my pets out of this!

    I hope your pup is home soon!

  36. geenbrean says:

    I hope you find your dog man

  37. Goddamn people suck.

    I hope you find your dog, OP.

  38. twerking_for_jesus says:

    Hope you find your dog, and Scammy McScumbag gets a swift kick to the nads.

  39. houseofLEAVEPLEASE says:

    This happened to me, too. I was beyond furious.

    I kept at it and ended up getting my baby back after offering a reward.

    Never stop looking. You’ll find your baby.

  40. NitroBlade505 says:

    Damn scammers I hate them, good luck getting your dog back

  41. 4Ever2Thee says:

    Well said and well deserved. Any luck finding your pup?

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