I make my own ‘interactive’ chews for my dog with separation anxiety

I make my own ‘interactive’ chews for my dog with separation anxiety

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  1. palimpsestnine says:

    I know they don’t look like much, but hear me out!

    My dog, Cookie, is a very good girl, but she’s had a slight separation anxiety ever since I adopted her a few years ago. The one approach that has worked incredibly well for her is to give her a treat she can spend some time with just before I leave, so she gets distracted and is not so upset by me leaving. However, this soon got VERY expensive as I was leaving the house every day, sometimes even two or three times. She was not interested in longer lasting toys/treats (antlers, nylabone…) that are cheaper in the long run, and she would get through the cheaper consumable chews before I could even get through the door. So I was just spending a bunch of money buying her these specific types of chews that worked, and as an added minus, they also stank really badly.

    Then one day, she got a ‘doggie gift’ at an event we went to. It was basically just a nicely wrapped empty toilet roll stuffed with some treats and tied with a ribbon. She loved it and took several minutes to patiently open it and get the treats out. I thought it was a genius idea, and I’ve been making my own ever since.


    – empty toilet roll

    – cheap treats (I buy them in bulk and make sure to get different textures/sizes. Currently I’m using some bigger dry treats and smaller semi-moist ones.)

    – tissue paper or similar (I use paper that comes with shoes, Ikea furniture, flowers, gifts, etc.)

    Wrap the toilet roll in paper, making sure there’s some extra paper on each side of the roll. Tuck the surplus paper into the roll on one side. Fill with treats and tuck in the other end. That’s it!

  2. CyanideSpikedTea says:

    I do something similar with my dog, but I just fold the ends of the toilet roll in. Glad to see I’m not the only one!

  3. nieciehoneypot says:

    I have a Great Pyrenees, and she’s very anxious. She’s a senior and doesn’t have many teeth left. I make popsicles for her. I use chicken broth, or beef. I Add a spoonful of canned dog food,a bit of dry food and a few chunks of chicken. I put this together in a solo cup that detaches easily with warm water. She chews forever!

  4. Okay yes, this is a frugal sub but we need the pupper tax!

  5. Even r/frugal is not pupper tax exempt!

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