I may have been scammed on Facebook Marketplace

Can I get some help from you guys?I tried buying a GPU from this new generation and didn’t really ever had trouble buying from people in there so far (even ones with blank profiles), because I usually go for the “meet in person” approach, which was an option for this vendor, except we were from different states in Italy.

I must say I should have suspected that he was too trigger happy impatient with the entire thing, so that’s on me for being naive, but basically he wanted me to send a screenshot of my bank app screen for him to be sure I wasn’t a scammer but the real deal. The price was honestly too fair to be true (Only 100 euros overpriced? Like, it was kind of a miracle, and he had just posted 3 hours before, but I thought I got very lucky like I did once before).

Anyway, I decided to go through with it since he asked for a bank transfer. I assumed it was kinda safe enough, since I could just track him from his bank account with proof of the scam (but I’m ignorant and I don’t even know if that truly is possible, I’m just used to watch scammers get in trouble in Twitch livestreams whenever there are bank account transfers involved). He tells that he would be using a friend’s bank account just to be safe from scammers that may have his info (I assumed that, well, I could just get to his friend in that case if that really is him, given how quickly he gave me the IBAN, and trace back to him in case things go poorly).

I transferred them the sum they were asking for (450 euro) and also asked how much he wanted me to give him for shipping (which was around 25 euros, not too shabby for a realistic price I had to pay myself shipping this sort of stuff in the past).

Basically, all in all 475 monies transferred to his bank account, the cause signed as “Payment and Delivery”. He sent a message or two asking if the money had arrived yet in the following 2 days (should usually take 2-3 days), and since this Wednesday he never appeared online again. Now it’s Friday, I just woke up, no sign of activity in the Marketplace chat yet. I used a credit card to pay, have his bank account IBAN and bank name ( FLOWE SPA), but the name he used is prob fake on FB and so must be the name he asked me to send to (his supposed friend).

All the above considered, how can I proceed with this, this is kinda scary for me and I actually was spending money that took me almost a year to save for, 475 euros is way too big of a loss for a young fellow that work as a waiter/dishwasher such as myself.

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  1. teratical says:

    Sadly, I think you just learned the lesson we preach here all the time when it comes to Facebook Marketplace/Craigslist/OfferUp: **in person, in cash, every time – no exceptions**. There are just far too many ways to be scammed in an online payment transaction with a stranger who’s not a trustworthy, well-known merchant.

    I will note that “meet in person” is only half of the rule; in cash is the other half. We’ve seen plenty of people here meet the seller/buyer in person, but then get scammed because they used Zelle/Venmo or some other digital payment in person.

    I’m sorry it was such an expensive lesson.

  2. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Watch out too for !recovery scammers who lurk here

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