I need help getting in contact with someone who has something of mine !!!

So when covid happened in March 2020 I was suppose to have a sweet 16 my party was canceled a few days before the date we had set. I had my sweet 16 dress and the lady from the shop called my mom “The pink house bridal shop” name of the shop said my dress could stay at the shop we payed for the dress full and my chambelanes also paid the rental fees for tuxedos. The store had my parents cellphone numbers and we have theirs and their contact information is online. Yesterday I went to Roosevelt New York to buy something and I passed by the shop and it was closed and the spot was for rent and I called my mother and we got really worried we came to an agreement that we would contact them and ask for my dress and we would pick it up and bring it home but they never picked up the phone we sent an email to them and I even contacted them through the Facebook page they have up. If they where going to close they could have contacted my parents they have both of theirs phone numbers or even contacted my chambelanes to give them the tuxedo money feed they had paid back. I just want to know where the lady is and if my dress is ok and that I could pick it up. there is no way to contact her because all she won’t answer messages I’ve sent

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  1. This is mostly a guess from what you’ve said and what I can see on social media and google. It looks like the store went out of business thanks to covid, taking your dress and money with it. You are now one of their (many) creditors. Worst case, if the owner ignores you, is that you will have to track down the legal entity that owned the business (like an LLC or C corporation), probably from their business license. If the dress shop is doing things legally and not taking shortcuts, they will file or have already filed bankruptcy. If they are still a “going concern” in legal terms you’ll have to sue them, most likely in small claims court. If you still have the bill of sale or other paperwork, you’ll win a judgement. You’ll then have to collect the judgment from something that has no assets. I’m sorry this (and Covid) ruined your Sweet 16.

  2. You might have to get in contact with the city to see if they can give your any information on the the proprietorship of the store. I suspect that is the only way you will find them now. If they had to close (most likely due to Covid) you will almost certainly not get any money back from them for the tuxedos, as the company is now likely insolvent. You *may* had some luck with the dress if you find them, because they *may* still have it, but it is unlikely. It is likely the dress was sold or disposed of as part of the business inventory. I hate to say it, but if they had any interest or wherewithal to contact the owners of some of their merchandise to return it to them, their best opportunity would have been before the had to move, sell, or dispose of their inventory. It is sad, but you most likely have to chalk the whole thing up to a loss.

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