I need information about a scam


I come to present my case, I met a girl on tinder, after a lot of talking she convinced me to buy bitcoin and send it to a wallet at:


After doubling the money I tried to withdraw it and I had to pay a fee to withdraw the money, when the fee was paid and they were sending the money, she says that she has been “confused” and instead of putting more money in her account, it has put in the my account.

So she is canceled because now you have to pay more fees… To which I refuse to pay a new fee and now she doesn’t answer and the web doesn’t seem to exist…

Has anyone had the same?

Thank you

The content was posted by Warwolf0-0 on 2021-10-06 12:08:55 via reddit

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  1. Crabby_Appleton says:

    Also, now that you’ve posted, you will be contacted by !recovery scammers. They can’t get your money back.

  2. Crabby_Appleton says:

    Very common scam, reported here almost daily. We even have an automod for it !crypto scam.

  3. You didn’t “invest” any bitcoin, you didn’t double your money anywhere, and you never had any money in any account associated with http://www.mangocoinbk.com. You sent your bitcoin DIRECTLY to the scammer’s personal wallet, and they made it look like there was money in your account on the website. (Some other victim probably reported the website and had it taken down, but that won’t really matter much to the scammer, because they probably have a dozen other identical looking websites already running or waiting to be spun up.)

    **Fake Investment Scams that use Fake Cryptocurrency Websites:**

    Fake cryptocurrency websites controlled by scammers are becoming more and more common. Sometimes the scam begins with a romance scammer who claims that they can help the victim invest in cryptocurrency. Victims are told to buy cryptocurrency of some kind using a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange, and then they are told to send their cryptocurrency to a website wallet address where it will be invested. Sometimes the scam begins with a notice that the victim won cryptocurrency, and it is in their account on a website. In either case, the scammer controls the website, so they make it look like there is money in the victim’s account on their website. Then the scammer (or the scammer pretending to be someone official who is associated with the website) tells the victim that they have to put more money into the website before they can get their money out of the website. Sometimes the scammer will let the victim “remove” some of their money from the website (actually it’s just the scammer sending some of the victim’s money back to the victim) as a way to make the website seem legitimate, before asking the victim to “reinvest” even more of their money. Of course all of the money sent by the victim has gone directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and any additional money sent by the victim to retrieve their money from the website will also go directly into the scammer’s personal wallet, and all of the information about money being held by the website was totally fake.

    You can post the scammer’s wallet address here on r/scams.

    If the scammer used Bitcoin, then you can report the scammer’s Bitcoin wallet address here:


    If the scammer used Ethereum, then you can report the scammer’s Ethereum wallet address here:


    You can see how much cryptocurrency has been sent to the scammer’s wallet address here:


  4. JaneOfAll-Trades says:

    Make sure to report & list the website on scamadvisor.com and globalantiscam.org

  5. Warwolf0-0 says:

    So, there is no way to get the money back, right? Just warn that it does not happen again to anyone else…

  6. marplanauta says:

    If it is too good to be true it probably is. 😂

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