I need your help, how real do you think this check is?

I need your help, how real do you think this check is?

The content was posted by [deleted] on 2021-10-04 15:06:20 via reddit

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  1. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Lol! Of course this check isn’t real! And neither is your GF. That money you plan to send her to meet you? It’s going in some scammers pocket. Come on dude, don’t be dense. Listen to what people have been telling you here and on your past posts.

    Or do you really want to get scammed. Good grief!

  2. impossibility_day27 says:

    A great way to look at this is “does it really make sense?” If you take every piece of info given to you, does it make sense to you? Is the check payable in your name–if it’s from her grandma to her why would they write it to you? It’s from Tiffany and Co–does the grandma work for Tiffany? Why does she have a check from Tiffany? You’ve only known this girl for a few weeks–why would she want you to funnel money through your bank account instead of finding an alternative method? That’s an awful lot of trust and a large amount of money to just send to someone you’ve known for a short period of time.

    Another thing to think about is, in my experience (and I look at fake checks for a living), that if someone is emailing you a check it’s 99.9% always fraud. Banks will not take mobile deposits taken off of screens; that’s always a HUGE red flag. If you can take it into a bank then they can look at it if you’re not sure; take it to the bank it’s drawn off of (Chase). They can look up the account in the system and tell you for sure. In this case though the check is absolutely fraud, and this girl is trying to scam you, like everyone else has said.

    I believe it’s important to not just be told that something is fraud, but to understand why we know it is, and understand the red flags associated with it. This is how we protect ourselves. There’s so much check fraud and bank fraud out there that we have to do our due diligence when it comes to accepting money and sending money.

    Anyways thanks for coming to my TED talk happy Monday y’all.

  3. How did you get the check? Does Tiffany owe you a refund for that amount?

    Don’t ask the bank if it’s real; your average bank teller will tell you to deposit it and wait a couple days. Many of them don’t understand that banks in the US are legally required to front you a lot of money from business checks, and they will tell you that means it’s “cleared.” It doesn’t. Checks can bounce days or weeks later and your bank will come after you for all $11k+ of that, they will charge you a fee for passing a bad check, and they will put your account in the negative if need be and charge you ongoing penalties for that.

    Do not ever accept a check from someone who you do not know are 1000% legit. If it’s your actual RL friend who bounces a check in your account, you can go tell them to pay up. If it’s your actual RL job where you’ve worked for a while and know they’re real, you can report them to your state’s Department of Labor.

    Is this for a new online job? Real companies will never make you process payments through your own personal account because that breaks so many business accounting rules and opens them up to so much liability.


  4. If you are unsure, don’t cash it out yet. It’s better to check by the bank first.

    But I’m wondering why you have Tiff&Co’s check?

  5. [deleted] says:

    Thank you all for your response, i feel very dumb now for falling for this, and i feel hurt because i really liked this person and didn’t believe they would string me along for a whole month just to this.

    I should have posted this sooner on reddit.

    Thank you guys, thank you very much

  6. It’s crazy to me that this stuff is even remotely believable. If my “online girlfriend” gave me a $20,000 check from Best Buy or some random business, you’d think some flags would be flying

  7. Man…the left bottom of the check is the routing number for the bank. They are 9 digits long. This one has 10. It’s not even a good fake check…FYI.

  8. Memo “Approved” very convincing

  9. Routing number is for JP Morgan out of Florida.

    Someone is either trying cash a check from a corporate account falsify from a corporate entity. The bank can confirm its validity. Go to a Chase bank and ask.

  10. JaneOfAll-Trades says:

    This is obviously photoshopped, you can do a reverse image search on Google, yandex, & baidu to find the original. Not sure if you’re aware of the romance scams or pig butchering scams, they will literally talk to you every waking moment to get you to lower your guard. They may not even live where they say they do. You can use grabify to check their location and ISP. Check out Globalantiscam.Org or scamadvisor.com for more info. Do your research before trusting this “gf” further.

  11. AmazonSlaveRhemmy says:

    Take it to a bank and ask them if it’s real or not

  12. Itzacr1mew4ve7 says:

    I don’t think it is legitimate in the least bit but I’m not an expert

  13. ValleyWoman says:

    People don’t just send money for no reason. Did you sell something? Cash out an acct?

  14. [deleted] says:

    What i want to know is , ways i can verify if the check is real

  15. The cheque is real. Real rubber. Bounce, bounce, bounce.

  16. I work in a bank and see people falling for fraud all the time. With mobile deposit I’m not able to be the 1st line of defense for my clients. If your bank tellers ask you questions about checks or where they are coming from, we are just doing our part to try and help.

  17. oldfrenchwhore says:

    Unpopular but true: you’re not in a relationship if you’ve never met the person. Sorry. You’re just not.

  18. mordiathanc says:

    Any backstory to this? looks ok, and they got the address, company name and micr right…

  19. OwainBeavin_ says:

    I could not say to be honest I haven’t used or seen a cheque/check in well over a decade. The hologram is something that you need to look at. You could call the company who submitted the cheque/check in the first place and ask them if the cheque/check is legit.

  20. [deleted] says:

    To clarify, i met her online we have been texting for about a month , she lives in a state close to me, I live in Georgia and she lives in Florida. she said her grandma emailed this check and that i need to send the money back to her, because she has a huge debt on her bank account, and she can’t use it because her bank would automatically deduct the amount


    edit: Florida not atlanta

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