I never heard of GEEK before and I got this email.

I never heard of GEEK before and I got this email.

The content was posted by wackymac18 on 2021-10-06 09:00:12 via reddit

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  1. Fluoise_Belcher says:

    Kitboga on YouTube.

    It’s just a renewal scam: they want to make you panic to call them so that they can either/or obtain your cc details when you call to cancel the non-existent purchase, or they’ll ask to scan your pc and take control of it that way, which is even more nefarious since they can obtain more access/spoof websites to worry you even more.

    You can call your cc to make sure no unauthorised purchases have gone through. Block and delete that email.

  2. wackymac18 says:

    I’m kinda new to posting stuff on reddit since I only just browse but this email made me paranoid. This is the first time I received a scam mail and I’m afraid what will happen if I don’t do something

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