I noticed it has been some time since there was a post about job shipping scams, and felt I would keep it fresh by posting an example I found to help you spot them in the wild.

The scam is straight forward. Stolen, fancy stuff, usually sexy name brand electronics (Apple/Samsung/Beats) is purchased by Nikolai from Stefon using stolen or bogus debit/credit cards, but neither want the deal traced back to them so Nikolai finds someone willing to take the package and send it to Stefon who will act as a middle man, disguising the process to the mark as an authentic job with a real company. It’s all a scam. The label is usually “paid for” with prepaid labels bought with stolen/bogus cards or “paid” when sent out by the mark with a sent check that will bounce after shipment, which works perfectly for them because when the feds follow the money it stops with you. Stefon gets his iThis and iThat, Nikolai gets to sleep in another day and you get to have a nice long talk with federal agents. Fun.

I chose to copy and paste the body of the email due to the policy about links, so I decided against using a screenshot. But I will provide it if Mods are willing to clear it. *In the email it is very well put together…*Which makes for a great example. I tried to maintain formatting the best I could.

NOTE: Though I believe the sender is a scammer, I have chosen to stay on the safe side of the legal world and leave out their information. Better to be safe than banned. *My observations in italics.*

—–Begin example—–

[MY PERSONAL NAME] – Current vacancy available at [Company Name]


*…A Google search for the company name shows a website for a legit international shipping company. The con is simply using the name. This is common and part of earning the mark’s trust. However, the email of the sender IS different from the company name. HUGE red flag. Also, a search of the different email’s website name literally gives no return results on a Google search and the website shows as under construction when entered via the address bar. Note: Try not to go exclusively off of social media presence, or lack there-of, as some people, companies or both don’t have a social media presence, even in the modern age.*

*Also, while a con certainly could create an elaborate company website with matching emails and the whole show, it’s a massive undertaking and it can also create a trail, so I personally believe it’s unlikely they’ll go that route. But still, I wouldn’t put it past them.*


Job Title: Package Handler

*…Double speak is a common tactic for legit jobs too, as anyone who has worked as a Customer Experience Exceptionalist will tell you. This one is no exception. Sometimes it will be called “Quality control/quality assurance specialist/inspector. You will just be getting a package delivered to you, slapping a label on it, and sending it out for pickup to be shipped.*

Who We’re Looking For:- Dependable persons to handle customer orders and corresponding paperwork

*…More double speak to sound official. The customer order is stolen goods, and the handling and paperwork is just slapping the label on it and physically taking it out for pickup. Sometimes they will mention having to “inspect and test equipment”. These stolen goods are all legitimate, brand name products which are already quality tested.*

What We’re Offering:

– flexible hours- average monthly pay of $4,400 ($2,800 guaranteed + $45   bonus for every package delivered on time)- work from home- free training

***THE PAY IS THE BIGGEST RED FLAG!*** *I am 35, my only experience is retail, and my only education is a trade cert from a manufacturing school, not to mention I was out of work for three years due to a major car accident and have been working off-and-on and not in school during Covid. When you add up the weekly base pay, for an 40 hour work week, that comes out to $17.50 an hour. In my city that is a high-end wage for what my resume commands.* ***But when you factor in the average pay listed at $4,400, that would put me at $27.50 an hour and I would literally jump directly into a higher tax bracket!!!*** *Now, for educated, more qualified people in more expensive cities the average may sound reasonable, but to make that kind of money working from home it would be remote based skill work or you would be a freelancer, and if that was the case you would either have a job already or be too busy freelancing to look for one. There is no job that would pay me, or anyone really, that kind of money to sit at home and play FIFA all day while waiting to just send out packages sent to their house unless they were…wait for it…working for criminals.*

Want to be part of the team? Please provide the following to schedule an interview:

First and last nameComplete addressPhone numberEmail addressEmployment status

*…Here is another huge red flag. They already have your email because (duh) they emailed you, but these are an email blast. Nikolai is not in a basement with 10 monitors like a 90’s Bond film; he’s wakes up at noon, fires up his laptop in the kitchen and launches a bot program that emails a bunch of people off of a purchased mass email list, then watches TV and waits. He needs the email and contact info in the reply to know who bit and start working the mark. And no HR person will ever ask for this because they already have it, and if they are unsolicited due to a referral, it will be less official and more candid, and the HR person, if credible, will mention the source and reason for the referral and understand you being skeptical when you reply.*

Please note submission of incomplete information may result with the rejection of your application.

*…You mean the one you never filled out? Another obvious red flag.*

For any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email or give us a call.

…*And with what number? A credible HR person would certainly leave a call back number.*

Regards,HR Department 

*…The final red flag. Every HR person will leave a signature with their personal name, company email, company name, the whole jazz. Also, at the bottom, there will be sometimes be company logo/brand/artwork with a section mentioning it is an official communication from the company (but be careful, as some more thorough cons could also have this as it doesn’t take too much work if you have basic graphic design skills and software). Obviously, none of that is here.*

—–End example email—–

Cons take advantage of people trying to make ends meet in times of extreme hardship by offering a solution that sounds like a God-send. But by being vigilant, you can keep from being a victim. Trust your gut and if you get a bad feeling, walk away. It’s better to think it may be bad news and walk away and be wrong then to get involved and find out you were right all along when you’re in too deep. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

P.S. You certainly *can* report them to the Postal Service (it’s where they want you to report it to), the BBB and every alphabet soup agency up and down the street, but it’s a waste of your time and energy as these emails will never stop. Delete and move forward.

I hope it’s helpful. Stay safe out there.

Edit: This is a living document. Edits for grammar and typographical errors will be done without note. I will directly note edits for content. I don’t want to put a tl;dr here, as I feel people should read it. But if you get a job offer you didn’t apply for and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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