I received a royal mail package this morning that may be a brushing scam ?

The label on the package was hand written and it had my address on it but not my name. I thought it was something I ordered from eBay as the estimated delivery date matched today’s date( eBay package arrived later today). When I opened it, it contained an empty DVD case. I also found it strange that whoever sent it paid for first class shipping. The package also did not have anything that would indicate who or what company sent it.
Is this a brushing scam?
Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any insight into this.

Edit: additional info.

The content was posted by Particular_Subject23 on 2021-10-11 19:06:27 via reddit

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  1. FieldOfFox says:

    You might have been scammed on eBay, where they can now prove to eBay that they sent “the item” because they have proof of postage / tracking.

    Check that out with the seller and with eBay customer services.

  2. ochisiepa says:

    That tracking number is being used to scam someone else in your locality. They’ll provide it to eBay to release payment to a non existent order to someone else.

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