I received a text interview today and now they have my SSN, Drivers License photo. I think it was a scam, can you guys HELP ME!!!!

It started as a normal professional interview then they sent a link to my gmail and had my fill out this verification form. The form asked for address and drivers license. Then the text sent a link of face detection. I did it, and then I get this text that say confirm your email with some random email to prevent identity theft. I’m pretty sure I just got scam. Please someone help me, I’m scared they’ll do some illegal things under my name. WHAT DO I DO. I know it was really stupid so please refrain from that

The content was posted by Broad-Disk-1044 on 2021-10-06 03:18:19 via reddit

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  1. Princessluna44 says:

    Just an FYI: No company I know does text interviews.

  2. Critter_Whisperer says:

    Another FYI. Never EVER click on links that you get from emails

  3. Goflyakitescammers says:

    Identity theft is not funny. First thing you need to do is freeze your credit. All three reports. You can do it now, for free. Monitor them for any accounts being opened in your name. (I use Credit Karma-it’s free).
    And as for your SSN. Here is some Information on identity theft from the Social Security office.

  4. They aren’t interested in your personal information. That’s just a pretext to make you think that the job is legitimate. Fake job scammers want your money, this isn’t how identify theft begins. But if you are really concerned, then you can put a freeze on all of your credit reports.

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