I recently got scammed by an escort on

I recently started getting into booking escorts online, my first experience was really nice, so that gave me a lot more confidence into this field.

So as I started exploring new sites, I started seeing escorts at cheaper rates. And since my first experience was nice and reay smooth but it was also a bit expensive. So I decided to explore into this cheaper ones.

So long story short. I was supposed to meet with this person, she gave me an address, I drove over there, and once I’m at the place, I texted her for the apt number, and that’s when she started asking for an EBAY gift card as a payment. After texting for a little while she convinced me. I then headed to an to an store and shop a 200 dollars gift card, after I told her that I already got the gift card she was constantly asking for the receipt, which I’m my stupidity I decided to send her a pic, even tho I covered some info. But that wasn’t enough she then asked for the 4 last digits of the gift card, which I first refused to do it. But then since I was already tired of all this talking and I thought that sending her only the last 4 digits wouldn’t be enough to that person for redeem it.

So end of the story, I lost $200 I don’t know what to do at this point, I don’t think making a report would be a good option, I have contacted ebay already and they don’t have solutions, and the store at which I bought the card doesn’t do refunds on gift cards. So I’ve thought on reporting this transaction to my credit card as if I didn’t do it ?

Any advises would be appreciated.

The content was posted by Dexter3204 on 2021-06-18 13:36:45 via reddit

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  1. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do. Scammers love gift cards because once they redeem the card there is no way to really reverse the transactions. My recommendation would be to try and avoid these grifter sites as much as you can. Whatever money you think you’re saving is just going to be paid for with added stress and the risk of being defrauded or worse.

  2. Quit tricking off , if you do decide to keep tricking go to one of those brothels in Las Vegas 😂

  3. You fell for it hook line and sinker sounds like, buying a gift card that is already not really returnable and giving it all away also pretty much gave away your chances at getting it back, man


    I will advice you to leave it, the site is now becoming a scam website. Leave it because it becoming dangerous and there also been threats and “wasting girls time” scams.

  5. I mean to be fair, you did end up getting fucked.

    Edit with actual advice: you did buy the gift card and you were probably on camera and your card was physically present at the transaction. Do not try to report it as not being you, that would be a crime.

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