I refuse to my buy my baby girl a “feminine” blanket when I have a perfectly goo…

I refuse to my buy my baby girl a “feminine” blanket when I have a perfectly good one leftover from my son

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  1. liz_lemon_lover says:

    Babies don’t care. Nobody cares. Reuse your baby items.

  2. TankSpank says:

    My 3 year old son got the “girl” pull-ups because they were cheaper on Prime Day – he’s thrilled about Minnie instead of his usual Aldi generic designs.

  3. purplechunkymonkey says:

    My daughter would love that. She named her hermit crab Peter after Peter Parker. Her first hat was Batman and she got from the boys section because Batman isn’t pink. She loves super heroes.

  4. skiddooski says:

    Totally understand this and appreciate your value system.

  5. My daughter is equal opportunity pop culture. She loves Spider-Man, Wonder woman, Batman, my little pony, transformers, Ghostbusters, and so on.

    Kids can like whatever they want. I’m sure your baby girl won’t care about the character on their blanket for a while. But eventually she will figure what she likes.

    I have a boy on the way. I wonder if he will like my daughter’s rainbow blanket…🤔 As long as he is happy, it doesn’t matter to me.

  6. sewandsow says:

    Same reason my toddler boy has Disney princess sheets 🤷‍♀️

  7. We let our almost 3 year old do her own thing when it comes to picking out stuff she like and wants to wear. I find it pointless to have boy toys and girl toys. When we go shopping we let her pick out things she likes doesn’t matter which section it’s in.

  8. daisy0723 says:

    Little girls can love Spiderman too.

  9. pugmommy4life420 says:

    Idk why people always want new stuff for babies. They’re going to grow in no time. Don’t waste you money. I get an occasional splurge but babies legit don’t care what they have on. All they’re worried about is poopin, peeing, eating and sleeping. All else can go to heck for all they care.

  10. saltywench says:

    I totally understand the frugal mindset of using what you have. Kudos for not feeling like you have to buy another blanket.

    As a parent educator, I must point out to other parents that evidence suggests that infants are at lowest risk for SIUDS when they are in placed on their backs in a crib without a blanket, pillows or toys, and the room is about 68°F. The US government endorses the “safe to sleep” campaign if anyone wants to look up more information.

    Each caregiver will make their own decisions with the information they have – I only want to share beat practice for caregivers to consider. No shame to OP.

  11. It’s great to reuse, save money and reduce waste.

  12. Biggest parenting thing I ever learned is there is zero reason the same toy has to cost more than the other purely bc of the color. I have a son who’s now 7. I used pink bottles before bc they were on clearance (It was a huge set too) for $4 vs $40 for the blue/gender neutral 90% off. Then there were toys like the fisher price or VTech learning. He’s a baby, they don’t care they’re playing with something pink or “girlie”. He just wanted to play. So long as it keeps your lil one happy, warm, and fed, everything else is purely esthetics 😊

  13. MaevensFeather says:

    I loved Spiderman as a little girl, and batman. Still do!

  14. Other than the sleepers and basics, I rarely ever bought anything new for my baby, clothing wise. It really is a waste, when 2nd hand does the exact same thing.

  15. Drslappybags says:

    Use what ya got.

  16. imlittleeric says:

    My father in law insisted on spending extra money for a car seat for my son because “no grandson of mine is going to use a pink car seat “

  17. JJSwagger says:

    Honestly I don’t see why it matters. My 9 month old daughter looks super cute in dresses. She also looks cute in dinosaur muscle onesies and jeans. They’re just clothes/blankets. I bet she loves this one and it’s super cute that they both used it

  18. Manderelli says:

    I love using my son’s hand me down clothes for my daughter. He grew up so quickly that they’re in great condition and I’ve come to realize how much better quality they are vs the girls clothes. Thicker fabrics and more durable. It’s really weird/creepy that girl onsies are “lower cut” than boys. I still have dresses and other girl stuff too, but for playing outdoors and whatnot, the durable pants and t-shirts are ideal.

  19. FatChopSticks says:

    I had nieces and nephews, I figured girls were socialized to act like girls, so I just treated them all like boys, and my niece liked rough housing and playing with nerf guns and driving go karts.

    And then she had a younger sister, and she hated being picked up and thrown around, she wouldn’t touch the skateboards or nerf guns I got for her, and she genuinely just liked girly things.

    And that’s when I realized, I have no idea how kids are gonna turn out

  20. A blanket is a blanket. Plus, it’s a baby. Highly doubt they give a shit about the picture on the blanket they’re using.

  21. kyleclements says:

    Didn’t all baby stuff used to be white right up until they realized segregating clothes by sex would make parents more likely to rebuy baby clothes and beddings than reuse them?

    Good on you for not falling into the trap of needless consumerism.

  22. ver9285901726747356 says:

    Yes please, let’s end the mindless unnecessary consumerism. It’s going to end us all eventually if we keep it up like we have.

  23. CumOnMyClitsy says:

    I had this blanket when I was 18. It was so comforting (:

  24. Until your child is old enough to formulate preferences, use what ever you have available. I’m pretty sure a 2 month old doesn’t care if its onesie is pink, blue, or black with purple polka-dots!

  25. thebabes2 says:

    Years ago when my son was at the pull ups state of potty training (he was so stubborn!!) our local Walmart had them on clearance for a ridiculous price, like a few dollars a pack AND I had coupons so they were pretty close to free. The catch was only the Princess ones were on sale. The cashier was all “IDK if I could put my son in those…” I looked at her and said, “He’s going to pee in them, I don’t care what’s on them.” I bought as many as I could lay my hands on and guess what, little dude did not care one single bit.

  26. MightyMomma3 says:

    My son has a pink paw patrol blanket his sister have him. It’s his favorite

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  28. BroseppeVerdi says:

    “Everybody gets one (blanket)”

    – Spiderman (probably)

  29. ChironXII says:

    The son isn’t jealous?

  30. BirthofRevolution says:

    Hey, as a little girl I had a Nascar, then a batman bed set. Nothing needs to be feminine or masculine, it just needs to be what you like.

  31. retirebefore40 says:

    I don’t mind Superman for girls, or Barbies for boys.

    BUT, if you did want to get girly stuff on the cheap, check out Goodwill, or Thrift Stores. Goodwill sometimes has a bad name but I volunteered there for a couple weeks and they get a lot of brand new stuff that people just never wanted. You can definitely score some good finds.

  32. littleredteacupwolf says:

    My oldest sons favorite color is pink. It’s the only color shoes he likes. He also loves pretending cooking, helping to clean and dinosaurs. My youngest’s favorite toy till recently was a doll he had for over two years. He still sleeps with the doll, but the shin Godzilla he got for his birthday is his favorite right now. He also likes to do makeup and loves flowers.

  33. accidentaltrainwreck says:

    My daughter rolled around in a blue stroller and yet I am invited to a families THIRD baby shower because she needs pink stuff for the first girl.

  34. prestoaghitato says:

    I’m pretty sure babies don’t give a flying flamingo about what gender people may or may not associate with their blanket. If it’s a comfy blanket then it’s a good blanket.

  35. That’s why I buy light gray. Works for boys or girls.

  36. Wtf is a feminine blanket?

  37. AgentArticuno says:

    Gendered impositions on infants is cringe

  38. MercMcNasty says:

    I don’t care about gender norms at all and my son is actually choosing pink a lot recently, but you only have one blanket?! Frugal or not, y life would be hell without some on stand by

  39. Troway2273 says:

    This sub used to be great lol

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