I think I just got scammed out of $200.

Hi. So I think I just got scammed by someone named jessicavictoria700, and I guess it was because 18 and I’m vulnerable right now due to personal reasons that I fell for it and now I feel like shit. Because I just realized it after I spent this last $50 that I thought: “Hey, why am I doing this?”
Edit: they asked for Google Play and Steam cards, which started off that 50 and started racking up. Also bad English.

The content was posted by IConsumeLead on 2021-10-11 18:31:27 via reddit

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  1. amyaurora says:

    Sharing how it happened will help keep someone else from being a victim (as scammers change usernames all the time). That is the ultimate goal of this subreddit, to both warn and educate.

  2. Goflyakitescammers says:

    And watch for !recovery agents/hackers. They are another scam and can’t get your money back!

  3. real_bk3k says:

    Sorry you are out the money, but consider it money spent for a life lesson to make the most of it.

  4. Godzillavio says:

    Sounds like the scammer’s from Africa. They usually catfish with pretty girl photos and ask for iTunes and Google Play cards. Not sure about Steam but those cards are like goldmine for them. It happened to me before but I didn’t give gift cards. Later, I found out that my scammer stole photos from a porn star. Lol

    Report to police and Google about the gift card scams. Be careful next time.

  5. Prof_S_5320 says:

    Please be a bit clear

    How exactly did you send the cash? What was it for?

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