I used to buy flavoured fizzy water for around 80c a litre, now i make my own fo…

I used to buy flavoured fizzy water for around 80c a litre, now i make my own for less than 10c a litre

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  1. BigGulpsHuhSeeULater says:

    Sodastream is a game changer!

  2. esmereldaskysurfer says:

    Sodastream to carbonate the water, homemade syrup in a reused bottle (2 sachets of powder drink mix, $1.99 for 6, mixed with water, each bottle lasts 9 litres minimum so it works out like 7c a litre).

    Shake up the syrup really well and leave at least overnight before adding to sparkling water or it’ll go a bit coke n mentos.

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  4. gusogusocaperuz says:

    Save the rest for a new kidney

  5. peak_hwyl says:

    When you say “I make my own”, you might want to add a bit more information.

    I’ve seen those bottles in Ubers.

  6. Rubberbangirl66 says:

    i take organic cherry juice, and mix with a simple sugar. I add a splash of vanilla, and hit the Soda Stream. Works like a charm.

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