I wanna buy the stuff but

So I came across this website store via an add on Instagram and I really like the designs on the clothing. I just want to make sure it isn’t a scam. At the bottom of this I will link the website. I usually google the website name to see if it is a scam but I didn’t find much information on that end so I am here to ask either if anyone knows if it is legit and how should I go about checking is a website is a scam in the future. I usually shop by the big retailers and rarely buy anything from anywhere else online but I want to start doing that but have no baseline on what I should check for. Thank you for the help.

Ok guys thanks for the help and saving me money, I appreciate it.

The content was posted by unlimitlessfinite on 2021-04-19 14:26:20 via reddit

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  1. Dropshipping site, selling aliexpress items at infalted prices, never, EVER, buy anything from ads, especially on social media, always do research on sites bfore buying from them

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