I was happy about my new job, turns out it’s a major scam.

So, I’m a Graphic Designer and most importantly, Freelance Graphic Designer. And I am desperate for long-term jobs as most of us Freelancers are.

I’ve been recently contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn that redirected me to some people on Microsoft Teams. I’ve been through a long questionnaire, with questions on how I would deal with tight deadlines and similarly. It all seemed as they knew what they were talking about in the Graphic Design sense. They mentioned all the file extensions that were well known to me and some even more complex things.

After the successful interview and a well-expressed satisfaction from them by looking at my portfolio, they offered me 1900$ monthly paycheck for 40hrs/week, which I gladly accepted. Then I was directed to a Project Manager, who insisted I create 5 accounts before we can start working. I was asked to create a Scaleway account, Vultr Account, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS. For all these accounts to be registered and confirmed you have to add a payment method.

The Project Manager told me to start everything in a free trial and that I don’t need to pay for these accounts, the company will pay them for me in the future so they need all the credentials to put the account under the company’s name.

I naively fell for it and gave them the Account name & Passwords for all 5 accounts, which resulted in me receiving numerous bills from those 5 accounts, and the company blocked me from any future interactions with them. I feel so dumb and there’s nothing I could do about it except sharing my story here and hope they don’t trick anyone else.

The content was posted by wutrashin on 2021-10-11 21:42:27 via reddit

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  1. amyaurora says:

    If the interview and Q and A was similar to what would a legit one would be. I fear for those who may still not know its a scam.

  2. BrokeLivingMagician says:

    Talking from experience. File a support ticket with the billing department at each cloud company, explain the situation and ask for forgiveness on the bills.

  3. Aunty_Fascist says:

    For search engines !job scam

    For you, beware of !recovery scams. They lurk here and will be messaging you.

  4. moxiebear00 says:

    Graphic designer here too and I fell for a similar scam a few years ago. Luckily I realized it fairly quickly. It seems they target our industry quite a bit.

  5. SydneyOrient says:

    Does he have CEO in his name or does position automatically appear in front of their name?

  6. DarthSyphillist says:

    The “tight deadlines” was the first give away. As a graphic designer, you are an artist first and foremost, and you can’t put a deadline on creativity.

    The pay was the second give away. You’d have been practically working for free. Seriously, raise your game, and your price if you’re good.

    The “we need you to create a bunch of accounts” was the third give away. You’re a graphic artist, not a God damned PR/IT specialist. That’s what they’re for.

    Best wishes and don’t sell yourself short.

  7. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Damn that’s scummy. Did you give them your SSN at any point?

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