I was scammed by an online clothing store. How should I proceed?

Hey everyone, I recently fell prey to an online scam, and I need advice on how to proceed. I won’t name the company that scammed me right now, but I can provide that information later if it’s needed.

Last weekend, I was buying some pieces for a Halloween costume. I needed a specific style of shirt that I didn’t have, and I found an image that looked exactly like it. I went to the website, and placed my order naively. The website said that my order would be here within a few days, but later in the week I got an email saying it could take up to 2 weeks. I was confused, so I did some poking around on the internet. It turns out that this site has a reputation for constantly delaying orders, and never eventually sending them.

Based on reviews, I know I probably won’t be able to get a refund, so that’s 30 something dollars down the drain. Fortunately, I found a similar shirt on Amazon and ordered that, but what I’m really worried about is the fact that I gave this site my credit card information to make that purchase. I don’t see any reviews that say their information was stolen or used, just complaints about the orders never arriving, but I’m still worried. I’m a teenager, and my credit card is linked to my dad. I’m worried that my dad will lose massive amounts of money because of me. I don’t know how to proceed, as I’ve never been scammed like this online. Can anyone give me any advice?

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  1. Aunty_Fascist says:

    Tell your dad. As adult on the account he’ll have to contact the credit card company to get a new card issued and do a chargeback for the stolen money.

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