I was scammed through my birthday present

I received a loaded credit card as one of my birthday presents. I registered it online as instruction said and tried to use it at few major stores but the card kept declining. I logged into the account and I learned it only had $2.43 left. All that $500, birthday money, gone.

The card is called Exclusive Reserve Visa. I think their registration website is compromised.

Anyways, my husband(DH) called his dad(FIL) because FIL is who I received that card from. FIL came over immediately, took my card went back to the store he bought it from with receipt. Which is a local major grocery store.

Turns out, the store knew about this scam but they did nothing to prevent it. They’d rather pay compensation to victims than going to court. Apparently they told FIL that I shouldn’t have registered it online. Wtf! They explained how the scam works to FIL and this is what he told me.

Scammer buys a card, load it up, register it online then use it all up. Steals another card, put the card scammer used back into the package then puts it back to where cards are in the store. When someone buys that card, load it then registered online, the money goes into the account and that’s how I was scammed.

FIL didn’t quite understand it so I understand less. Point is, this grocery store knew about it and could have locked it all up behind the counter like cigarettes but they did nothing about it.

FIL is supposed to get a call back from upper management withe 48 hours but they haven’t called yet. I am filing the dispute forms right now.

Yesterday, FIL went to the grocery store again because they didn’t call him back. They didn’t want to pay him back or do anything about it. No, they were not sorry. FIL is so mad, he told me to stop with dispute and now he’s doing it all by himself.

Now FIL is gathering all of the documents such as browser history and amazon order history. Scammer spent 400 on amazon and bought hiphop jewelry from a website I’ve never heard of. FIL is trying to take this to the court now, but not sure what will happen.

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  1. It seems like the scammer would have access to the money your FIL loaded onto the already-registered card whether you went through the registration process or not.

  2. Here’s what the store just told you:

    “Hi. We know customers are scammed quite frequently through this frequent scam, and, although we know and knew about it, we did not take any precautions to prevent you from being scammed. In the end, although we, again, had prior knowledge that this is in fact a common scam involving our very own charge cards, we did *nothing* to stop it. And, quite frankly, it’s your own damn fault for purchasing a refillable card, one that is easily accessible in front of the cash register, and then, going online to fill it up which is an acceptable and valid method of payment for said card. Again, you, the customer, failed to take standard precautions by *not* buying something that is known, by *us*, to be a target of fraud. After we went to all the trouble of doing *nothing* whatsover and not even putting up a single warning sign, well, you’re a dumb customer.”

    Did I get that right?

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