” If thou might afford to tangibly exist inside of your home from 9 AM to 5 PM, ye could take some moneys. ” – Hmmmmm….. seems legit.

Email from 16th Century…?



**From:** Kristin Harris <[x](mailto:[email protected])[email protected]>
**Sent:** Monday, September 13, 2021 6:08 PM
**To:** [x](mailto:[email protected])[email protected]
**Subject:** Re: remote job possibility approachable
What a great day,

The up-to-date stance of Package Supervisor for our delivery biz has just been unblocked. Our association offers a excellent paycheck and educative pack to receive you as a worker of our company’s rising ‘n’ particularly powerful brigade.

We uncovered thy contacts through the CareerBuilder website & find that UR craftsmanship should be highly useful for the fellowship. If only you’re induced by our management’s stance, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to our so ours staff heads are informed to recite U bigger function’s description.

Cheque: $ 4,000 a 1 month.

Given non-office position is only for personnel who would proceed from apartment. If thou might afford to tangibly exist inside of your home from 9 AM to 5 PM, ye could take some moneys. The rod of our firm’s function is to operate with consignments. What shall be included into thine precise liabilities: get shipments from 1 broadcaster, put them into another package according our biz’s brief, and to transmit boxes to else woman. Ya’ll should be an immaculate part of our processes for above-mentioned job if ye are a new mother, a student of online way of education, ex-service, invalid fellow, or the subject that objects against the need to make exit building for work.

Thou will not be obliged to have business with hard bales. Generally, you’ll search out bedclothes or dollies inside the lots. Academic course is transferred without payment.
All thou should need to have to work with our management is a desk computer, access to the World Wide Web, ‘n’ printer to be able to print consignments. How much ya’ll will be able to earn relies upon solely on ye – the more time thou work, the larger thou earn. As a rule, laborers who simply start functioning for our comradeship obtain approximately 1000 cash per 7 days.

Are thou agitated with described offering? Don’t hesitate to write our business via e-mail.
And remember that staying at your residence from 9.00 to 5 PM is a must to be able to obtain the appointment (in another case, mentioned job isn’t for ye, unfortunately).


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  1. SchalkeSpringer says:

    Well this is one way to try and avoid the inbox spam Filters.

    >Are thou agitated with described offering?

    I want this printed big and bold in fancy blackletter Script on a T Shirt! Hilarious!

    (I pray I have not summoned forth a scourge of ShirtBots)

  2. 97Edgewood says:

    Every month or so a scam shipping job using this same kind of weird, archaic language pops up here. It’s especially amusing, as it’s sprinkled with “UR,” “y’all,” ‘n’ for “and, “biz,” etc.

    It’s like reading Psalm 91 in the King James version of the bible and finding ” Surely he shall deliver y’all from the snare of the fowler, ‘n’ from the noisome pestilence”.

  3. Desperate_Fail1926 says:

    I feel agitated just reading this!!

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