I’ll let it explain its self, also I meant area not are. Here in SA you have an area code in your number

I’ll let it explain its self, also I meant area not are. Here in SA you have an area code in your number

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  1. Madrigall says:

    They do have a database and you’re on their:

    “Will respond” list.

  2. whizzythorne says:

    > the Texas


  3. Fusseldieb says:

    Next time ask them to send an audio and that you can’t read

    I’m sure nothing in their head will click and they will just send it lmao

  4. NacogdochesTom says:

    I only engage with non-binary traders.

  5. saradil25 says:

    Lmao “the texas”

  6. Cardinal_Richie says:

    Kindly?!?! Now I don’t know who to believe 🙁

  7. WhatWasThatLike says:

    Isn’t the phone number completely irrelevant since any phone number can be spoofed?

  8. “Presently in the Texas”

  9. All responding accomplishes is letting them know it’s an active number…

  10. “Hi, my name is NYSE Bob from the New York and I’m here to talk to you about NYSE! Do you know anything about stocks?”

  11. s4_e20_spongebob says:

    FTR, it’s a “country code” designated by the +###

    In the US the country code is +1 and is optional

  12. changeneverhappens says:

    I couldn’t tell by your title if you meant South Africa or San Antonio, because San Antonio has the area code rule too.

    Then I went to the post and saw Cape Town AND Texas.

    I give up 🤣🙃

  13. I spam these guys with bad memes and other shit until they stop responding.

    Seems to work.

  14. WhiteButtBoy says:

    I wonder what made “Forex William” want to go into the Forex business

  15. ThatCrazyTonkGuy says:

    giving tips? nice

  16. How does this forex scam work? I had an ex who was involved with this and I had hoped she would figure it out this was probably a grift but it ended before she was able to explain even her side of the mechanics of it.

  17. Sippy1016 says:

    I love the “kindly fuck off” at the end. Perfect.

  18. EqualQuiet says:

    “Forex William” this guy is born to trade forex

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