I’m a Land Owner?!

So every few months or so, I’ll get a text asking if I’m interested in selling land I own in Liberty County, TX. Here’s the thing, I don’t own any land. Has this or something similar happened to anyone else here?

The content was posted by minikitty1990 on 2021-11-17 15:17:48 via reddit

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  1. Scam the scammer. Tell them sure, you’ll sell. Keep the money, buy land wherever you want.

    Just kidding. I have no idea what this is, but I’ve not heard of it. It could just be a mistake. How long have you had that number?

  2. amyaurora says:

    I saw a similar post to this a few months ago, only it involved a house. I am guessing maybe a typo occurred or the real owner has the same name and two different databases got mixed up.

  3. Unclerenty says:

    I have had those same calls. 100% a scam. If you are curious if someone has stolen your identity and bought some land, do a full credit report through experian or something and lock your credit across the board.

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