I’m getting spoof calls about 5 times a day from normal people who claimed they never called me when I call the number back.

I’m getting about 5 missed calls a day.
When I call the numbers back, the people who answer say they never called me.

How do I stop this from happening?

The content was posted by Chatea00 on 2021-11-12 07:00:00 via reddit

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  1. teratical says:

    Stop calling them back. Scammers from overseas are calling you and spoofing in the phone numbers of people in your area code to trick you into thinking it’s a local call so that you’ll pick up. When you call those spoofed numbers back, you’re calling innocent people who never called you.

    We all get tons of spoofed calls from scammers; it’s just a fact of life. Ignore them. Don’t answer the phone unless it’s coming from someone you know and expect (exception for work-related lines). And especially don’t answer if the caller ID says it’s your bank, local police department, the IRS, etc. – those are easily and commonly spoofed.

    Legit callers will leave a message. If they don’t leave a message, trust that it was a scammer and forget about it.

  2. Loose_Influence_9380 says:

    To my knowledge you can’t.

  3. I had this, a person called me and said i called them when I hadn’t, just prior i had got a spam call which i ignored. My conclusion is the spammers spoof the number of their previous target when calling the next target. Maybe this makes it difficult to block or get on spam lists?

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