I’m not this person, should I respond?

I’m not this person, should I respond?

The content was posted by ButtBashur69 on 2021-11-10 19:36:07 via reddit

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  1. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

    Nope, it’s probably the start of a !wrongnumber scam

  2. Avoid. It sounds like the below or somehow would turn out to be a forex/crypto scam.

  3. noodlebenji says:

    If you are not Mr Hunter don’t respond you will just end up on a list for further harrasment

  4. SixxTheSandman says:

    Respond with something like, “are you asking about DEEZE”? “And if they say what’s DEEZE”, Say ” DEEZE NUTZ BITCH!”

    Never gets old

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