Im pretty worried

So my current manager told my first check couldn’t be direct deposited because there bank hasn’t approved my account yet so they have to send me a paper check. Every other job I’ve had has never had any problem direct depositing my pay

The content was posted by pergo105 on 2021-11-20 04:52:14 via reddit

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  1. Perpetual_learner8 says:

    My employer couldn’t direct deposit my first check so they had to hand me my first check. I work for the government 😂

  2. dirtODBmcgirt says:

    This is a common occurrence.

  3. bastardsonofmrmet says:

    Where and what type of job do you have?

  4. kokoyumyum says:

    Most often the first check is mailed. Depending on the banks, it can take a week just to respond that they received the test Mounts, then the sending bank takes their time even checking that it was received, and give the OK for the employer to submit your payroll data.

  5. amyaurora says:

    My current job, even when you do the paperwork right away for direct deposit, gives out a papercheck for the first paycheck.

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  7. PleasantAmphibian101 says:

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