I’m sure it’s real

I’m sure it’s real

The content was posted by BouyantFailure on 2021-10-04 11:58:29 via reddit

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  1. THEKINDHERO says:

    As real as typing in YouTube dot com, missing a letter and it taking you to a “You Won” Page with the latest iPhones, Tablets, And 1000 dollar gift cards with the timer counting down and everyone posting “live'” or screenshots of “real people” being so grateful and that for sure thought it was fake but it was “real” to re-assure you it is real and you too can have one of these amazing products and all you got to do is enter some personal info here, maybe a card number there, maybe download a few things, and you can’t forget just “one” more survey.

  2. XLVIICUTS says:

    Click it.
    You won’t.
    You’re scared.

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