In love with my bread machine! Delicious homemade dough and pizza at a fraction …

In love with my bread machine! Delicious homemade dough and pizza at a fraction of the cost of eating out.

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  1. missprincesscarolyn says:

    I recently purchased a refurbished bread machine off of Amazon for $40. Basic bread dough costs virtually nothing in comparison to ready-made from the store: all you need is all purpose flour, yeast, oil, salt and water. The bread machine did all the work in an hour and a half. Toppings can be whatever you want them to be. I also made garlic knots.

    Since I purchased my bread machine, I’ve also made basic white bread, whole wheat, pumpkin and cinnamon raisin. I love it. It makes baking so much easier.

  2. doublestitch says:

    Bread machines are wonderful for making doughs of all sorts. And it isn’t much work.

    Pro tip: buy flour in bulk.

  3. doseofsense says:

    Brush that crust with some olive oil before baking.

  4. lovedogslovepizza says:

    I’m obsessed with mine too (purchased for about $25 including shipping off of []( Or you can usually just find one at regular goodwill for $10 or less without the shipping cost. I just use it for dough, then finish in the oven, and make loads of breads with it: sandwich loaves, european rounds, cinnamon and other sweet breads… seriously the best kitchen gadget i’ve ever purchased.

  5. I probably use my bread-maker for pizza dough more than anything else. I actually have some dough being made right now! It’s my family’s favorite pizza, even better than take-out.

  6. Prestigious_Ad_9835 says:

    Do you have a link so we can see for example what we would need to buy ?

  7. Sad-Breadfruit6606 says:

    I’m from long island….. Damn I would eat that up, no joke. For homemade that looks great

  8. I love mine, too. For years, I just made bread with it, but the bread kept getting better as I adjusted the recipe over time. But a couple of years ago, I got a cast iron pizza pan and started making pizza: Game Changer. It’s wonderful to have pizza whenever I want, at the cost of a little time and a few ingredients. Definitely worth it.

    Enjoy your pizza!!!!!

  9. medium2slow says:

    You should try making it by hand, from start of dough to cooked pizza I can do it 50 minutes. I use to use a bread machine but when it broke I tried it by hand. Will never go back. I usually make 2-3 pizzas in one shot (7 people eating and left overs for lunch).

    In a Small bowl put 1 cup warm water and 2.5tsp yeast let stand for 10 minutes (or not I usually just let it sit until my dry ingredients are ready)
    Large bowl
    2 cups flour
    2tsp sugar
    1tsp salt
    2 tbsp oil

    Pour yeast mixture in, I use a baking spatula to fold it into the middle until all the flour is clumped into a gooy clump.

    Light dusting of Flour on the counter, pour it out of the bowl, more flour on top and kneed it 7-8 times until it’s firm, sprinkling flour if it gets too sticky.

    Make it into a ball, Toss it back into the large bowl (coat in oil before you put it in) cover and let rise for 20 minutes.

    Prep your toppings

    Roll the dough out and make your pizza!

    400 degrees for 15 or 20 minutes. Keep an eye on it, I usually set it for 12 and keep checking it every 3 minutes

  10. walking_in_the_rain_ says:

    Agree. Can be combined with a pizza stone!

  11. I got a bread maker this year too and made some of the best pizza this year with my own dough and homegrown veggies.

    I swear, bread makers are like the best kept secret of adulthood.

  12. Don’t have a bread machine but definitely enjoy making homemade pizza rather then eating out, it’s way healthier & cheaper too. I got a pizza oven from friends years ago and I’ve made countless pizzas on it, I would recommend making your own to anyone who loves pizza, it’s so satisfying and tastes delicious even with minimal ingredients.

  13. cholley_doo says:

    Wow, who would have ever thought of cooking at home?

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